Smart Outdoor Holiday Lights

“Smart” Outdoor Holiday Lights

Feeling Festive? This house was one of the winners on “The Great Christmas Light Fight” show on ABC.


‘Tis the Season for Lights

It’s that time of year.  Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving is almost here but ‘lo and behold, the Christmas items are already out!  It seems to get earlier and earlier every year when you start to see those holiday items begging for you to browse them while you are shopping.  I’m terrible about decorating but I enjoy the outside lighting and decorations the most.

Holiday Lights, Why?

DIY Christmas Lighting to brighten up your yard According to, Christmas Lights help brighten up your yard by lighting up trees, roofs, walkway & porches.  But where did it originate?  Christmas lights are in preparation for Christmas and were first just used on trees (after replacing those dangerous candles).  In the mid-20th century, is when you could initially see lights on buildings and streets used for holiday decoration.  Then in the 1960’s you started observing them on homes. (source:

Outdoor Lighting to Extremes? 

"The Great Christmas Light Fight" show on ABC Have you seen the reality show on ABC that started airing the holiday season of 2013 titled “The Great Christmas Light Fight”?  Those people take outdoor lighting to the limit! says the show is about “Decorating their homes to the extreme for Christmas, families and neighborhoods across America compete to win a cash prize and a coveted Light Fight trophy”.

I Want Easy Lighting!

WiOn app to control your lighting devices from your Smart Phone or Tablet offers Smart Lighting for your Holiday Lights

I love the outside decorating!  I HATE having to go outside in the cold and dark each night to turn them all off and on!  So, I was super excited to see Pegasus Lighting offering the WiFi Smart Yard Stake.  Why not take the smart home to the outside?  Makes perfect sense to me!  The Wion Outdoor WiFi Smart Yard Stake lets you control your holiday lights from anywhere with the use of your smart phone or tablet.  Its free app installs easily onto your Apple system greater than IOS7 or Android devices greater than 4.0.  This yard stake has 3 electrical outlets that are covered and has a 6-foot cord.  Just plug in your yard stake and then plugin your electrical lights to the yard stake, download the Wion app, and start using!  No more dashes out at night in the snow while in my slippers to unplug my lights. (Source:

Smart Lighting for your Holiday Lights with Wion Outdoor WiFi Smart Yard Stake:

WION OUTDOOR WIFI SMART YARD STAKE offers Smart Lighting for your Holiday Lights

  • Control outdoor electrical devices from anywhere – using your smartphone
  • Automates landscape security lights, holiday lights and yard decorations for convenience and energy savings
  • Affordable home automation – works with your existing WiFi router. No hub required and no monthly fees
  • Expand your WiOn system by simply adding up to 12 WiOn smart switches
  • Free app works with Apple (iOS 7 and higher) or Android (4.0 and higher) smart devices
  • Programming options include – multiple on/off settings, countdown, random vacation, and sunrise/sunset schedules
  • Ratings: 125-Volt / 60-Hertz, 1250-Watt, 10-Amp

Outdoor Lights Made Just A Bit Easier

Whether you start getting out your holiday lights right after Halloween or wait until one week before Christmas, make your life a little easier with the WiFi Smart Yard Stake.  It’s convenient, easy to use, and it helps save energy!  I can’t wait to drive by your yard to see your Christmas light display…. whether it’s to the extreme or not.