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You’ve probably heard of an RSS feed, but if you’re still unsure about its benefits or of how exactly it works, read on.

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.”  Sounds easy enough, right?

Basically, RSS was created for people who regularly visit a number of different websites.  In the past, you might have checked your favorite sites frequently for updated content, individually going to each one and sifting through its content.  With RSS, new content on every one of your frequently-visited sites can be automatically retrieved for you and compiled into one location.  The goal is for you to stay the most informed while wasting the least amount of time.

Here’s an example.  Say you regularly read the Pegasus Lighting blog, the New York Times online, your company’s Intranet, and a few blogs written by friends.  With RSS, you will no longer need to visit each of these sites to check for new content.  You will simply visit your RSS feed.  On the left-hand side will be a list of the sites you subscribe to, with a number showing how many new articles they have published since the last time you visited.  You can click on each site and the new articles will show up in the center of your screen.

You can subscribe to the RSS feed of our blog using a number of web-based news readers.  Just click here or on the “Entries RSS” link at the top right-hand corner of the blog.

You can also keep up with us right from your inbox! Instead of adding this blog to your feed, you can choose to receive updates from us via email. Just sign up in the box at the right.

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