“City of Light”

“City of Light”

What’s the “City of Light”?

Paris “City of Lights”

What do you think of when you hear “City of Light”?  Did you know the world calls Paris the “City of Light”?  Did you know Paris is called that because it was a place of enlightenment in the 18th Century and it was one of the very first cities to use street lights in 1889? (Source: Reference.com)  When you think of the word “light”, do you think of the following Oxford Dictionaries definition: “the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible”?  I know that is my first thought.

So when I think of that definition of light, it doesn’t make sense to me that Paris is called the “City of Light”. It would make more sense to me that Las Vegas, Nevada is the “City of Light”.  Why, you ask?  Have you seen it all lit up from a plane coming in for the landin g?  The lighting “stimulates sight and makes things visible”. It’s something to see!  Let’s make a comparison on actual light usage between Paris and Las Vegas.  The Eiffel Tower in Paris lights use 22 megawatts per day.  That’s around a $3,500 light bill per day!  Wow, right??  Okay…. Now Las Vegas has a light bill of around $1.27 million per day and uses up to 8,000 megawatts per day. The MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas alone has a light bill of over $3,000 per day according to Luxreview.com!

Las Vegas Lights up the Night!

Las Vegas
Las Vegas “City of Lights”?

Las Vegas has been lighting up the desert since the 1930’s.  Originally, all the lights were neon, but most have been changed to the more energy efficient LED bulb.  In 2010 to 2014, according to Reference.com, Las Vegas slashed the energy demand by 20% by developing energy efficient structures and replacing street lights and traffic lights with the LED bulbs.

There are tours in Vegas dedicated to just viewing the lights!  You can book several different tours to take while you are in Vegas to get the best experience!  Book a tour by helicopter and take a 15-minute, 20-mile loop to view thru Vegas.com.  Or you can get tickets to see the Las Vegas Lights Night Tour and view 12 million LED lights within just 5 blocks on the popular Las Vegas strip according to Viator.com.  Want a more private viewing?  You can book a limo to take in the lights and have your own personal photographer capturing you with the lights in the background!

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!

The “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign located on Las Vegas Boulevard was built in 1959 with neon lights and now it is even more energy efficient with solar power.  Who knew that this famous sign was powered by the sun? (Source: Wikipedia.com)

Freemont Street Experience

In December of 1995, the Freemont Street Experience was built to light up the sky in downtown Las Vegas (and to attract more tourist attention to the downtown hotels and casinos).  This canopy of lighting plays a show every hour and is located 90 feet above ground between hotels.  The Freemont Street Experience is 1,500 feet in length (5 football fields long) and has 12.5 million synchronized LED lamps! (Source: Wikipedia.com)

Las Vegas could be the “City of Lights”?

With all the famous lights, including Times Square in New York that uses 161 megawatts per day, Blackpool Illumination in the UK that uses 15 megawatts per day, and the Eiffel tower using 22 megawatts per day, Las Vegas blows them all out of the water with their up to 8,000 megawatts per day used. (Source: Luxreview.com). The lights are just one reason that people visit Las Vegas. Where else can you see so many lights on so many buildings, signs, and attractions?  And why I think that Las Vegas should over take Paris to be called “The City of Lights”, if we’re talking the most popular definition of “light”.

Holiday String Lights of Past and Present

Holiday String Lights – Past and Present

Holiday String lights


The Lights of Holidays Past

Holiday Lights are a big tradition for a lot of people.  When I was younger, my dad would go all out on the lights outside.  And I loved them…. The sparkle, the brilliance, the joy it brought people!  I just didn’t want to be a part of them going up!  What a nightmare!  I cringe just thinking about the broken glass light bulbs and cut feet and fingers from them, and the “utter joy” of trying to find that ONE burned out bulb that made the entire string go out. (And then hours after trying to make the string of lights  all work, finally being able to throw it away and just replace the entire string).  My excuses for not wanting to help never held up… I was always coerced into helping with the family tradition of hanging lights.

LED the Only Common Denominator

As I’m browsing the holiday string lights, I notice that the one common denominator is that they are all LED.  Now, I know that LED has been around awhile, I think?  I know nothing about it. That pure white, almost blue color is what I used to first think of when I thought of LED holiday lights.  Now, the LED string lights on sale are blue, pink, green, red, orange, purple, yellow, and warm white.  So, obviously LED lighting has evolved (into more colors) since it first appeared.

Why LED in Holiday Lights??

Honestly, what is LED and how does it benefit holiday lights?  Why do I want to buy the LED lights? LED, according to christmas-light-source.com, are Light Emitting Diodes; simple definition: electronic components that produce light.  That definition doesn’t really help me, so I wanted to know the benefits of LED holiday lights.  According to Wikipedia.org, LED holiday lights have low energy usage, long lifetimes, and low maintenance.

Benefits of LED Holiday Lights

  • Low Energy, Long Lifetimes, Low Maintenance
    • LED holiday lights use up to 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than the old incandescent bulbs (US Dept. of Energy sourced by balance.com)
    • You can connect a lot of LED holiday string lights together with one power source since the LED consumes less energy. (engadget.com).
    • The light emitted by an LED is determined by the LED chip rather than the plastic lens; meaning there is less color fading. (Wikipedia.org)
    • The LED plastic bulbs are less likely to break. (christmas-light-source.com)
    • The LED strands are vibration and shock resistant (christmas-light-source.com)
    • If manufactured correctly and used property, the LED holiday lights are resistant to moisture (christmas-light-source.com)
    • LED light strands can be recycled (christmas-light-source.com)
    • LED lights do not get hot to the touch, so they are safer (thebalance.com)

 LED Holiday Lights Appeared When??

When did LED Holiday lights make an appearance at the holidays? According to christmas-light-source.com, the LED lights were first used in the 1960’s for commercial applications and for 30 to 40 more years after that were improved upon for commercial uses.  In 1998 and 1999, LED Christmas lights became a thing and began to adorn the homes and businesses of America.  Starting in 2007, the famous New York Rockefeller Center Tree was completely lit up with 100% LED lights.

So Many Choices!

LED is the common denominator in the holiday string light sale but what about the differences in the types of LED string lights on sale?  PegasusLighting.com and the holiday sale have the G12, 5mm wide angle, C6, and Mini Lights.  What’s the difference?  I found this information at chistmaslightsetc.com:

LED Holiday String Lights

Of course, this isn’t a full list.  There are many other LED holiday string lights, including: fairy lights, icicle string lights, rope light, rope light decoration, snowfall string lights, tape light, colored flood lights, net lights, and strip lights.  Phew!  That’s a lot of holiday light choices and I’m sure I might have missed a few out there!

The Lights of Holiday Today

After all my research into the LED holiday lights, I’ve decided that maybe it wouldn’t be as much of a nightmare as it was in my past to hang up all those holiday lights.  I won’t be breaking anything since the LED light is plastic and I won’t be replacing a lot of bulbs since they are long lasting.  Maybe I should ask my dad if he wants to resurrect the family holiday tradition of putting up holiday lights…. LED lights that is.

“Blow Me Up” Lighting Fixture

Blow Me Up Light Created by Ingo Maurer and Theo Möller

The Blow Me Up lamp by Ingo Maurer  is an innovative LED lighting fixture that arrives rolled up in a can.  Who would have thought?

Easy To Use

Once it is blown up you can lean it against the wall or fastened it to the ceiling or wall with hooks or cords. They are easier to transport than fluorescent bulbs and there’s no danger of falling glass shards if bumped.  Also, there’s no drilling required.  Yes, it’s that easy.

Blow Me Up is a lamp that provides a variety of options.  Perfect for those who embrace mobility. There is a integrated sensor switch on one side of the LED strip, which radiates the reflective side of the tube, thus scattering indirect light in the room.

Not A Laser Sword

“With a suitable adapter Blow Me Up can also be connected to the 12 volts supply of a camping van.  The plastic hose, however, should be treated more carefully than camping equipment because above all it is neither a swimming noodle nor a laser sword.? -Ingo Maurer & Team

So there you have it, an LED lighting fixture that is easy to assemble, is mobile, and easy to clean.  The fantastic lighting it provides is great too.  Get yours today here.

Rock your new year's resolutions with better lighting

Rock Your New Year’s Resolutions With Better Lighting

Rock your new year's resolutions with better lightingI’m going to lose weight.

I’m going to get organized.

I’m going to live life to the fullest.

Year after year, as the ball drops and a new year begins, we make renewed resolutions to be better, feel better, and even look better, yet some statistics say that only about 8% of us are actually successful in achieving our goals.

What if the right kind of lighting could make the difference between success and failure of your personal goals?

Before you toss in the towel on your New Year’s resolutions, consider the following:   Read More

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Our 17th Anniversary Celebration

Pegasus Lighting 17th anniversary celebrationMay 2016 marks Pegasus Lighting’s 17th year online. Like any developing 17-year-old, we have spent our “teenage years” testing the waters, figuring out who we are as a company and determining where we will make our future.

But the truth is, we are also the result of good “parenting.” Pegasus Lighting has a solid foundation guided by the principles set in place by our founder, Dr. Thomas E. Farin years ago:

  • Treat everyone fairly and with respect.
  • Work smarter.
  • Communicate clearly and thoroughly.
  • Encourage innovation.
  • Have some fun.

These principles continue to guide us as we enter our 18th year. Read More

Pegasus loves biodegradable packing peanuts

Earth-Friendly Packing Peanuts Invite Play

After you’ve been around something for a while, you start to take it for granted.

Things like dissolvable cornstarch packing peanuts.

It took one imaginative 11-year-old boy and an email from a happy customer to remind us just how nifty these little earth-friendly peanuts are.

“BE WARNED! The peanuts you’re about to encounter may be a little annoying, but they’re cooler than you think.”

If you’ve received a shipment from Pegasus Lighting in the past few years, your box most likely had a sticker on it with those words. Inside the box is a note that shares the reasons behind our choice to use biodegradable cornstarch packing peanuts, not the least of which is because they are really fun to play with.

Inside every Pegasus Lighting box is a notecard that explains why we use biodegradable packaging peanuts
Who uses packing peanuts anymore? We do!

As cool as they are, after a few years of using them every single day, the novelty started to wear off.

Then we received this…

Read More