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The Pegasus Lighting Blog was launched in 2009 as a project to extend our corporate goal of providing a positive learning experience in lighting.

At Pegasus Lighting, we like to dispel the mystery of lighting projects.  On our e-commerce website, you will find product descriptions with as much detail as you could possibly desire, a lighting glossary with hundreds of terms carefully defined, installation guides with step-by-step instructions, and how-to articles to get you started on any project.

Our philosophy centers on creating a website where we would want to shop.  In fact, our own president hand-selects each product that goes on our website, ensuring its quality and performance meet our high standards.

On our blog, you will find current news in the lighting and construction/remodeling industries, tips on designing and completing lighting projects, features on new products or light sources, and more.  Occasionally, we do post company news when it’s relevant to our readers.  However, our number one priority for the blog is to provide useful information for lighting shoppers and lighting professionals, so you can be confident that corporate marketing speak will never overtake this site.

If you ever have questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us!  We love hearing from our readers.

Our Writers:

Renee Carlson is our Digital Marketing Manager. With a background in both English and Marketing, Renee has a natural affinity for the written word (even when it’s on a computer screen) and is a sucker for innovation. When not blogging about all-things-light, you’ll find Renee nestled in the ‘burbs of Raleigh with her husband & three active boys, getting lost in her Kindle, tackling a long list of home improvement projects, or cheering on the Carolina Panthers.

Tom Sowders was our Social Media Manager and blogger in 2014. After majoring in creative writing at NC State, Tom worked in the home remodeling industry. Then, he attended graduate school where he gained experience as a writer and writing instructor.

Deanna Alrutz was our E-Commerce Marketing Specialist and blogger in 2013. She graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with degrees in advertising and creative writing. So, basically, she loves to write! It is Deanna’s job to research cool stuff about lighting and share it with our blog readers and social media followers. She is also a huge fan of stargazing and…puns.

Chris Johnson is our Vice President, but he manages to find time to weigh in on the blog as well.  His New Home Project blog series details the lighting projects he has tackled in his own home, complete with photos, tips, and personal reflections.  That series has proved to be popular, especially his New Home Project: Under Cabinet Lighting post.  Chris also publishes the occasional company news post, and can be found on Twitter as well.

Tom Farin is our  founder and president of Pegasus Lighting.  He has been in the field of lighting for over twenty years.  His blog posts are always incredibly informative, including lighting tips for a multitude of applications (displays, residential bathrooms, home gyms, cabinets, home theaters, kiosks, trade show exhibits, outdoors, residential kitchens, and more).  In addition, Tom has written a number of articles explaining various light sources (i.e., LED Lighting: 10 Things to Know).

Annie Josey is another former E-Commerce Marketing Specialist and blogger. She has a background in English literature and creative writing. She enjoyed using her scintillating vocabulary to bring diverse lighting projects, lighting news, and more to, well, light. (i.e. What Kind of Lighting Went Into Famous Works of Art?, and Use Bookshelf Lights to Help Tell Your Story).

Emily Widle is our former E-Commerce Marketing Specialist and blogger.  She has a background in journalism and enjoyed scouring the news to report on the latest in the lighting industry, as well as making sense of some of the more complicated aspects of lighting (i.e., What is a T4, Anyway?, and The Fine Print, Explained: The Incandescent Phase Out).

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