A WiOn smart control outlet is used to control a coffee maker

Why I Was Wrong About Smart Home Controls

It took me a while to fully embrace the smart home automation trend, but when we introduced several new smart controls to our product line last month, it made me reevaluate my position.

Was my reluctance towards the smart home trend shortsighted?

I’m rather ashamed to say that I used to see smart home automation products and wonder, “Why in the world would I want that? Seriously, can people not flip a switch anymore?”

As the parent of teenagers, perhaps I’ve developed a growing resentment towards anything that allows the millennial generation to stare at their phone for another second.

When we started carrying a new line of smart lighting controls, I discovered more about the technology and had a major Ah-ha! moment (12 of them which you’ll see below), where I realized these things do way more than just turn a light on and off when I’m too lazy, tired or preoccupied to get up and do it myself.

The vast capabilities of smart home technology are mind-boggling. For this blog post, I’m not talking about expensive whole-home systems that look straight out of Tony Stark’s Ironman laboratory – Rather, I’m referencing everyday smart controls:

  • A smart outlet that lets you control any device that is plugged into it.
  • A smart switch that replaces an existing light switch on your wall.
  • You control and monitor the appliance or light using an app on your smart phone or tablet.

12 Ways to Use Your Smart Control Outlet or Switch:

  1. Turn the hall lights off after you’re in bed and realize you’ve forgotten.
  2. Load the slow cooker in the morning and schedule it to turn on later in the day.
  3. Set random vacation settings so that your home looks occupied when you’re traveling.
  4. Turn on your indoor or outdoor Christmas lights. Schedule them to turn off at a certain time each night.
  5. Manage your energy use and find ways to save.
  6. Turn on your sprinkler system. Turn it off when you’re away and realize you’re watering during a downpour.
  7. Answer the niggling question, “Did I turn the light off?”
  8. Create lighting scenes for every part of your day.
  9. Schedule your outdoor flood lights to come on when you get home from work.
  10. Get your teenager’s attention when he has his headphones on in his room. How, you say? Flicker the lights, set up a morse code for Get…your…rear…end…to…dinner…now.
  11. Turn off the gaming system at night to keep it from overheating.
  12. Fire up the coffeemaker when you wake up.

Pretty amazing, right? I can’t even imagine all the cool (and devilish) things I’ll come up with given enough time. I’m seriously considering wringing my hands like a mad scientist right now. Yet, lest I lose myself in a frenzy of appliance and light-controlling splendor, I must remember this gem from another favorite Marvel character:


Ready to learn more? Check out Wion smart lighting controls.

Wion smart controls at Pegasus Lighting


What clever ways have you come up with for using your smart control outlet or switch?

Renee Carlson

Renee specializes in digital marketing & content development for Pegasus Lighting. When she's not blogging about all-things-light, you’ll find her nestled in the ‘burbs of Raleigh with her husband & three active boys, getting lost in her Kindle, tackling a long list of home improvement projects, or cheering on the Carolina Panthers.