Holiday gift ideas for Do-It-Yourself'ers

Holiday Gift Guide: DIY Enthusiasts

2015 Gift Guide - Holiday Gifts for DIY Enthusiasts

Do you have a Do-It-Yourself’er in your life that refuses to hand over a holiday wish-list, leaving you scrambling for ideas?

The trick to good gift-giving is seeking out things that match the DIY’ers project personality. It has been my experience that DIY’ers fall into three categories, and you may recognize your friend or family member in one or more of them. I call them Dreamers, Renegades, and Perfectionists.

The Dreamer: Gifts for DIY Creatives & Thinkers

This type of Do-It-Yourself’er always has an idea, a grand plan for the Next Big Project. Everything they see gives them inspiration. They enjoy building and repurposing, but the real fun for The Dreamer is coming up with the idea. Look for gifts that harness their creative energy:

Sketchbook for DIY'ers to record ideas and plans

Make sure all of those killer ideas get recorded in style with a large sketchbook that has plenty of room for notes, drawings, and measurements. A pocket-sized sketchbook is another must-have, because you never know when inspiration will hit.

Colorful Pastels Hardcover Sketchbook, $10.95

Artistic prismacolor pens from Blick

Naturally, sketchbooks need something to write in them with. Premier pens like these Prismacolors come in a multitude of colors and sets in all price ranges.

Prismacolors, prices start around $25

LED Gooseneck clip on lampThis bright flexible gooseneck lamp clips to a drafting table, a headboard, or a sawhorse and directs light right where your DIY’er needs it.

LED Gooseneck Lamp, $70.40

The Renegade: Gifts for the Independent DIY’er

Renegade DIY’ers have no patience for sketchbooks and pretty colors. Give them a task and step aside. They have the power tools, the vision and the ingredients to make a masterpiece, but getting all three of those things coordinated on the same production schedule might be a challenge. This type of DIY’er needs gifts that conquer that pesky chore … Organization. Enhance your favorite DIY’ers arsenal of repurposing tools with gifts that take their workshop to the next level:

Magnetic tool holder for DIY workbench or craft area

I use one myself and highly recommend a magnetic tool holder for every DIY fanatic. Even my kids (who can’t seem to figure out the whole “open drawer, put item away” concept) will pop my tools back on the magnet after they’ve used them.

Magnetic Tool Holder, $15.99

Microfluorescent task light for use over a workbench or hobby areaThese bright under cabinet light fixtures come in several different lengths that can easily be linked together to customize an awesome workbench or hobby area. Prices vary depending on length, with options under $20.

Microfluorescent Light Fixtures, prices vary

Metal power strip with 15 ft cord and 6 outletsA long 15 ft cord with two extra-wide spaces for transformers reduces cord clutter and makes sure that the power tools and light sources belonging to your Renegade DIY’er are never limited by distance.

Metal Power Strip, $23.90

The Perfectionist: Gifts for a Type-A DIY’er

What do you buy for the Perfectionist, whose tools are organized alphabetically and craft room looks like it came out of a Martha Stewart catalog? Since they tend to sweat the small-stuff, search for gifts that hone their craft and make intricate work easier:

LED Battery Operated Head Work light

An ultra-bright head work light lets the Perfectionist fix every ounce of pesky imperfection hands free.

LED Head Work Light, $7.90  25% Holiday Discount Eligible!

Johnson hot shot laser level mouse There’s not much that drives a perfectionist crazy like off-kilter wall hangings. Now every frame can be flawlessly aligned with a hands free laser level that adheres to any surface.

Johnson Laser Level Mouse, $24.99

Dremel 200 1/2 rotary tool kit with accessoriesA rotary tool with interchangeable attachments offers major versatility for projects that require precision, whether it’s for home maintenance, decorative crafts, furniture repair, or more.

Dremel 200 Series Rotary Tool Kit, $52.35

Photo Credits: Sketchbook, Barnes and Noble; Artist Pens,; Tool Holder and Level Mouse, Northern Tools; Dremel Rotary Kit, Tool Barn

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