2015 holiday gift guide for grandparents

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandparents

Gift ideas for Grandparents

This is the second installment in our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide Series. Last week we looked at great ideas for the office gift exchange, and this week we’re talking about gifts for grandparents, both old and new.

Grandparents are notorious for spoiling their grandkids rotten and sending them home to mom and dad. Today I have rounded up a list of practical, fun, and sentimental gift ideas that will let you spoil them this year.

Fun, unique gifts for grandparentsUnique, Fun Gifts

For the globe-trotting grandparents that traverse the great wide open in a sedan, an RV or even on a set of Harleys, custom bobble heads designed to look like the recipients are a fun gag gift that is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

If your active grandparent hasn’t discovered the outrageously fun sport that I can only describe as a cross between tennis and ping pong, then gifting them with their own beginners Pickleball set is a must. Pickleball is fun, easy on the joints and great exercise.

You’re never too old to learn something new, and gifting your grandparents with a new experience might be just the thing. If they’ve never been to the theater, buy them tickets for a local play or musical, or splurge on Broadway tickets. Some other ideas for great “new experiences” are wine tastings, kayaking lessons, or lessons to learn how to play the guitar!

Practical gifts for grandparentsPractical, Everyday Use Gifts

There’s no way to say this gracefully – getting old can be rough. As we age we discover that things just aren’t what they used to be. Things like memory, vision, and strength can get a boost with the next few gift ideas…

Two items that are famous for being misplaced are phones & keys. A bluetooth tracking tag that hooks onto your keyring (or anything you find yourself losing often) solves the problem brilliantly. Use this little gadget to locate your phone with the push of a button. Or, locate your keys using an app on your smart phone. 

But what if your grandparent doesn’t have a smart phone or device? Get them one! My parents love to sit down with their tablet and look at photos of my children that we send them digitally. You can find tablets and e-readers for less than $100 these days.   

As we age, eyesight diminishes and adequate lighting becomes more important than ever. If your grandparent enjoys curling up with a good book, reading the morning newspaper, or knitting sweaters, a wall mounted reading light provides bright, focused light right where aging eyes need it most. For safety at night, give them stylish night lights that match their decor or motion activated security lights that network together.  

Heartwarming gifts for grandparentsSentimental, Heart-Warming Gifts

Your grandparents are a special part of your heritage. A great way to honor them is with a personalized family tree print like this one in the shape of a tree ring. There are a number of online resources that will help you uncover your ancestry. Once you’re finished, a battery operated picture light is a perfect add-on to shine light on your family history.

A downside to the accessibility of cameras on every smart phone is that great photos tend to get lost in a sea of random images. That’s why I love the idea of giving grandparents a custom photo book. It’s a keepsake that is easy to enjoy and show off to friends. You can use online software like Blurb.com or head down to your local drugstore to have your book made.

Do you have an epic entertainer in your family or circle of friends? Come back next week to get great ideas on holiday gifts for your favorite host or hostess.

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