2015 Holiday gift guide for co-workers

Holiday Gift Guide: Co-Workers

Holiday gift guide for your coworkers

This is the first in our 2015 series of Holiday Gift Guides, pulling together some of our most “give-able” lighting products with unique items from around the web.

Office gift exchanges can be tricky, especially when they involve some type of Secret Santa game. They usually include each employee randomly drawing a name, and often go one of a few ways:

A) You and your pal finagle a way to draw each other’s name, so that you can mutually agree NOT to participate in this ridiculous game. (Bah-Humbug!) You’re only reading this post because you can’t get out of getting something for your boss.

B) You overhear your office mates whispering about you in the break-room, “Man, I hope he doesn’t draw my name. Did you see those lame gifts he gave last year?” and you vow that this year you will be the BEST. SECRET SANTA. EVER.

C) Last year you gave gifts SO EPIC that you have the Secret Santa Superstar reputation to uphold but you’ve run out of clever ideas.

Whatever the case, here are a handful of ideas that can help for around $25 or less.

2015 holiday gift guide for coworkers

  1. Funny Travel Mugs – Dreary morning commutes get a little brighter with snarky travel mugs like these found on Etsy. -$19.95
  2. BBQ Grill Light – Your work pal will be grilling up dinner with ease with a new battery operated grill light (Dinner invitations not guaranteed). – $15.50
  3. StressPaul – Do tight deadlines and a grouchy boss have your office mate ready to curl up in the corner? A few squeezes of StressPaul will keep your coworker’s spirits high during stressful moments. – $12.00
  4. Nevermore Scarf – Your book-loving coworker can flaunt their literary prowess with this scarf featuring script from Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “Nevermore”. – $26.00
  5. Solar Hanging Glass Buoy Light – These decorative solar lanterns were a huge hit on CBS’ The Talk earlier this year, and are a charming addition for a garden, porch or patio. – $14.90
  6. Fairy Lights – Battery operated fairy lights feature tiny rice-sized LEDs on a flexible wire. Their versatility make them perfect for bunching up in glass jars, and perfect for decorating cubicles! – $14.90   Sale! $11.90 for a limited time!
  7. You Rock Candle – Does your co-worker rock? Tell them! – $18.00

*Prices and availability are subject to change.

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