Luxury swimming pool with mural and creative lighting

Our Top 10 Lighting Pins of All Time

We’re always on the lookout for inspirational lighting projects, and sharing them with our readers is one of our favorite things to do. Over the years, we’ve collected over 1400 images on 36 Pinterest boards. In 2012 a similar blog post on our top Pinterest photos revealed a preference for images of elegant and ornate scenes. Flash forward three years and a different trend seems to have developed.

Of the top 10 single lighting Pins of all time:

  • 9 were DIY projects or products.
  • Only 1 image was largely a “Wow, I can’t believe they did that” inspirational photo. (see #6)

What does this tell me? Pinterest is a powerful tool for the Do-It-Yourself-er. Extravagant images are fun to look at, but what really inspires people are simple and realistic projects using affordable products.

See for yourself in our Top 10 Lighting Pins of All Time:

10. A Night Wedding

Two of our top ten Pins came from the same Valentine’s Day blog post on adorable ways to wow your sweetheart with romantic lighting, like this swirling candlelit pathway.

Romantic lighting for a night wedding with candles
Get this look: Solar Color Changing Flame Path Light

9. Bedroom String Lights

There’s definitely a theme developing here. Valentine’s Day checklist: Candles, roses, jewelry, twinkling shimmery headboard. Done.

String lights and sheer curtains hanging in a romantic bedroom
Get this look: String Lights

8. Guide Your Guests to Safety

We have featured these LED battery operated guide lights many times as a perfect way to help your holiday guests in an unfamiliar house. The low price is an attention getter too at under $10 for a pack of four – yes four – lights.

LED mini guide lights used as indoor step lights to help guide guests
Get this look: Mini Guide Lights

7. Infographic: How to Map Out Your Recessed Lighting

This handy infographic comes from a blog post that also ranks as one of our most popular of all time. Over the years this guide has no doubt assisted in many recessed lighting strategies.

Recessed lighting layout infographic
Get this look: Recessed Light Fixtures

6. How Lovely…

Here is the one Pin that stands out from the rest because (unless you’re ridiculously wealthy) it’s mostly inspirational eye-candy. Originally featured in Forbes magazine, it immediately caught our eye because although it’s a luxury design, recreating a scaled-down version is possible with fiber optic lighting.

Luxury swimming pool with mural and creative lighting
Get this look: Fiber Optic Ceiling Lights

5. LED Motion Sensing Deck Lights

Quite the opposite of elaborate and flashy, these little weatherproof deck lights only come on when they detect motion, which means less wasted battery.

Battery operated deck lighting illuminating stairs.
Get this look: Battery Operated Deck Lights

4. DIY Porch and Patio Lighting

To create the charming porch in our 4th most popular Pin of all time, drape outdoor string lights from the rafters.

String lights hanging over cozy patio
Get this look: Outdoor String Lights

3. Spooky Lighting in Minutes

When Annie wrote this blog post two years ago she didn’t know it would be one of our most popular ever, but she knew a great idea when she saw one. By adding colored filters to their existing landscape lights, this home became an eerie scene for trick-or-treaters.

Spooky Halloween decorating with colored light filters
Get this look: MR16 Colored Glass Filters

2. Brilliant Crochet Rug

Rope lights are a Pinterest favorite and hold the top two coveted spots in our most popular Pins of all time. An illuminated crochet rug is such an unexpected use of rope lighting, and we love it!

Crochet Rug made out of rope light and heavy cord
Get this look: LED Warm White Rope Light

1. Solar Rope Light in the Garden

At long last, our #1 Top Lighting Pin of All Time, with over 20,000 re-pins to date. Featured in the ever-popular How to Use Outdoor Rope Lights blog post, the overwhelming attraction to this image pretty much speaks for itself. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Rope lights placed along landscape edging
Get this look: Flexible Tape-Rope Light Kit

For me, the best Pins are the ones that I look at and think “I could totally do that!” If you scanned this list and thought the same thing, be sure to Pin this post for future reference. When you’re ready to get started on your favorite project, just click on “Get this look” beneath each image to go straight to our lighting product suggestions.

To see our entire collection of inspirational photos, visit and follow our Pinterest Board!


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