Pegasus loves biodegradable packing peanuts

Earth-Friendly Packing Peanuts Invite Play

After you’ve been around something for a while, you start to take it for granted.

Things like dissolvable cornstarch packing peanuts.

It took one imaginative 11-year-old boy and an email from a happy customer to remind us just how nifty these little earth-friendly peanuts are.

“BE WARNED! The peanuts you’re about to encounter may be a little annoying, but they’re cooler than you think.”

If you’ve received a shipment from Pegasus Lighting in the past few years, your box most likely had a sticker on it with those words. Inside the box is a note that shares the reasons behind our choice to use biodegradable cornstarch packing peanuts, not the least of which is because they are really fun to play with.

Inside every Pegasus Lighting box is a notecard that explains why we use biodegradable packaging peanuts
Who uses packing peanuts anymore? We do!

As cool as they are, after a few years of using them every single day, the novelty started to wear off.

Then we received this…

To whom it may concern,
We recently ordered some under the counter lighting for a home we are remodeling the kitchen in and the package was sent to our house! We have 3 kids , the youngest being 11-year-old boy! The lights were just what we ordered and were very nice, but the best part was the packing peanuts !!! I love that they are biodegradable and they were definitely very fun! My 11-year-old had so much fun watching them disappear in a bowl of water but the most fun was him building a… Well we haven’t really decided what it is yet lol…. But it was totally fun making it! When u get one end damp and stick it to another one they stay stuck together! I know this is silly to go on and on about the packing peanuts but I just wanted to let you guys know that we loved and appreciated them 🙂 thanks for thinking of the earth and the people who live in it !!

-Happy Customer

A structure created by an imaginative 11-year-old with packing peanuts
A masterpiece created by sticking cornstarch packing peanuts together!

Thank you, Happy Customer, for restoring our packing peanut fascination by sending this great note and photo of your son’s clever art sculpture (whatever you decide that it will be)! Oh, and for the record, I’m voting Rocket Ship.

To learn more about the benefits of biodegradable packing peanuts, go here. To learn about the lighting products that we use the peanuts to carefully protect, visit

Hey Kids! Use the comments section or any of our social media pages to send us a photo of your Pegasus Lighting Packing Peanut Creation, and you could be featured on our blog!

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