Man walking into bathroom stall with tooshlights installed

Lights that Made us Say WHAT? – Tooshlights

Lights that made us say What? Tooshlights

Sometimes in my search for lighting news to share with my readers, I come across a new lighting product that stops me in my tracks, causes me to raise my brows and even makes me chuckle. Tooshlights® are definitely one of them.

The Los Angeles start-up recently brought to market an automated lighting system that uses glowing red and green LED lights to signal patrons when a bathroom stall is available. Quite literally in this case, “green means go.”

Man walking into bathroom stall with tooshlights installed

You can install Tooshlights in any size restroom, but the advantages really come into play in large venues like stadiums, airports, theme parks, and performing arts centers, etc. There are some nice benefits for the end-user (no pun intended) and for the venue:

  • Enhanced traffic flow, which potentially cuts wait times by 50%. This also means more time to enjoy the venue and a lesser chance of missing the game-winning touchdown. Tooshlights has a plan for that too though, with on-demand controls to let patrons know when a team has scored by flashing team colors.
  • Security and privacy. The red light signals to any would-be stall-intruders, “Move On! This One’s Occupied!”
  • Venues capitalize on Tooshlights technology by getting customers out of the bathroom line and into the concession lines faster.
  • And of course there’s an app, which could come in handy, especially when a restroom visit requires strategic timing, like during a big game. The Tooshlights mobile application provides detailed information on where the restrooms are, and even how many stalls are available. The technology also allows venues to monitor restrooms for one steady green light among a row of reds, indicating a possible maintenance issue.
Person looking at Tooshlights smartphone app at a stadium

Ultimately, Tooshlights wants to improve the public restroom experience. “We’ve all been in a public restroom with a line out the door, and no way to tell if a stall is open, occupied or out of order without looking under the door or peeking through the crack,” says Tooshlights CEO, Allen Klevens. “Tooshlights is the way to know where to go,” he jokes.

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