LED solar hanging planter basket for the garden.

This Solar Light May Have Turned Me into a Green Thumb

With the bounty of Spring upon us and Summer right around the corner, I decided to shine some light on a product that I’ve been itching to unbox: A hanging garden basket with ultra bright solar LEDs.

Just one problem…

I’m not much of a green thumb (truth be told, I’ve been known to kill a cactus) so I was a bit hesitant to – literally – put a spotlight on my inability to keep anything green alive.

What it Is
Solar LED hanging basket

  • A solar-powered LED light is suspended above a hanging garden basket.
  • Kit includes a solar panel, a coconut husk-lined basket, bracket and chains.
  • Automatic dusk-to-dawn solar light illuminates your plant.
  • Provides about 12 hours of warm white light when fully charged.
  • Currently priced at $49.00 (Note: The light is also available for purchase without the basket)

Where to Hang It

One of the features of solar lights is that they need to be positioned, well, in the sun. But the blazing hot Southern summers (and this non green-thumbed gal) can spell tragedy for plants. I’m much more likely to keep a shade loving plant alive. Thankfully, the remote solar panel can be installed up to 8 feet away from the planter which means I can hang my flowers in a shady area while positioning the panel in the sun for optimal charging.

Tips for Installing the Light

When you’re searching for the right place, make sure you have a nice sunny spot available within 8 feet of the basket to install the solar panel. For bright light throughout the evening, the panel should be exposed to direct sunlight for several hours a day.

Next, make sure you have a clear path without obstructions for running the cord between the solar panel and the light. (We tacked plastic clips along the cord to hold it in place, but this isn’t necessary.)

Hanging the Solar LED basket light

Why I love it

  • 40 Lumens of energy-efficient, extremely bright warm white light.
  • The solar panel is unobtrusive and adjustable.
  • The durable basket with matte-black finish is hefty and holds a lot of blossoms.
  • Hooks make removing the basket for potting the flowers easy.

It’s been a few weeks and despite my lack of gardening skills, the flowers have managed to flourish. Maybe the extra attention has forced my hand – er, thumb – into behaving as it should.

Where to learn more about the Solar LED hanging basket, or purchase one for yourself: www.pegasuslighting.com/solar-led-accent-light-hanging-basket.html. Also makes a great gift!

Here’s an actual photo of my garden light in action:

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