Weekend Warrior: Installing NETBRIGHT™ Wireless Motion Sensor Networked Spotlights

Today begins our newest series: Weekend Warrior. It’s part of our quest to bring our customers unique products and offer creative ideas for DIY projects around the house. This week we’re tackling one of our most innovative new products: The NETBRIGHT™ Wireless Motion Sensor Networked Spotlights. 

Weekend Warrior | Security Lighting Project

The Problem – lack of security lighting for rear of home.
The DIY solution I chose – Mr. Beams Netbright Wireless Spotlights.

I recently moved to a part of North Carolina where many of the homes in the area are vacation homes that are vacant throughout much of the year. Unfortunately, during the off-season months break-ins are common and I thought it would be wise to install security lighting around the perimeter of my home.

Currently, we have a fantastic motion sensor floodlight that gradually increases its light level installed at the front of my home. I have gotten into the habit of making excuses to walk near it just because I think it’s so cool.

Front floodlight image
My front entrance with existing floodlight

The back entrance of my home … not so much…

Rear entrance with no flood lights
The back entrance – no lights, no security. Not good.

Enter the Mr. Beams Netbright Wireless Spotlights with motion sensor technology:

2 NETBRIGHT Wireless motion sensor spotlights product image
NETBRIGHT Wireless Motion Sensor Spotlights

I decided a battery operated spotlight would be the ideal way for me to tackle this project. Even better, I thought the Mr. Beams Netbright networked spotlights would be best because I wanted a path of synced lights along the back entrance of my home.

Not having to hire an electrician – check.

Having an excuse to use a drill – double check.

The Netbright spotlights do exactly what the name implies – they network together. When the motion sensor of any one spotlight on a set network is triggered, all spotlights on the same network will turn on. It must be dark for the lights to turn on. This feature extends battery life.

This is ideal for the back entrance to my home because it will create a path of lights and vastly illuminate what is currently a very dark area. You could easily install a perimeter of these lights going around your entire home but I thought 2 would be enough for my initial installation with the possibility of expanding later.

One bonus with these lights is that they also look like security cameras. Definitely a simple way to thwart shady characters.

Installation Directions

Tools recommended – A pencil, Phillips screwdriver, drill, ladder (if necessary)

The Netbright spotlights are sold in sets of 2 with the mounting accessories you need. (Note that batteries are not included. You will need a total of six ‘D’ batteries to power the two lights included in the kit) Installation is a breeze and took 20 mins. It would take less time if you didn’t run in and out of a nearby closet just to see the lights turn on.

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Step 1 – Install three D batteries in each spotlight.
To install the batteries, simply twist the front of the spotlight to unlock the compartment and voila! Note that to replace the batteries when they die you won’t have to unmount the spotlights – a clever design feature.

Step 2 (optional) – Set dip switches if you wish to have different networks.
As I mentioned, these spotlights are wirelessly networked together. If you have an especially large project, you may wish to have lights on different networks, e.g. your front yard vs. your backyard. Or maybe your neighbors will get super jealous and want their own perimeter of lights. Either way there are dip switches in the battery compartment to change the network.

Step 3 – Loosen twist knob on mounting plate and remove spotlight.
Now to the nitty gritty. The spotlights install via a mounting plate that is secured to a surface with 3 screws and optional anchors. The mounting plates remove from the spotlight using a twist knob.

Step 4 – Install the mounting plate.
To install the mounting plate, place it where you would like to install it, use a pencil to mark the three holes, drill the pilot holes, and screw in the mounting plate.

Step 5 – Attach spotlight stem and tighten twist knob.
Next, insert the stem of the spotlight into the mounting plate and tighten the twist knob. Note that when you insert the stem you can place it at the angle you wish the spotlight to direct. You can also use the twist knob on the stem to pivot the head of the spotlight.

Step 6 – Repeat for other Netbright spotlights in your project.
Repeat this process for the additional spotlights you are installing and then wait for it to get dark for the motion sensor magic to happen!

Coming up next in the Weekend Warrior blog post series – Installing LED tape lighting in the pantry, creating a book nook with a wall mounted reading light and installing dimmable LED recessed retrofit lighting in a bonus room and kitchen.

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