Unique Front Porch Decorating Ideas to Welcome Spring

Unique Front Porch Decorating Ideas to Welcome Spring

Whether you have a spacious and expansive wraparound porch or a cozy stoop to welcome you inside, the front porch is the perfect place to establish a mood that flows throughout the home. Today I’ve rounded up a unique collection of front porch decorating ideas that celebrate the beauty of Spring with bright colors and endless charm.

Geometric Welcome Mat

Springtime is all about freshness and a world ablaze with color. This bright DIY welcome mat filters out both the dirt and the troubles of your day.

custom made doormat out of colorful wood pieces
Source: FurnishBurnish.com

Repurposed Bud Vases

I’m a big fan of coming up with creative ways to reuse a light bulb, and these little bud vases made from old bulbs are a perfect example why. Group them together on a patio table or hang them from the porch rails. (If you’d rather not DIY these vases, check out what amazing artists are creating with light bulbs on Etsy.)

DIY light flower vases made from repurposed light bulbs
via Itsy Bitsy Paper

Front Porch Blossoms

Unique ways to display a bounty of your Spring flowers abound in these fresh front porch planter ideas that are anything but predictable.

Umbrella and rainboots full of tulips used as front door Spring decoration
Umbrella Tulips via Family Holiday | Rainboots via Cottage in the Oaks
Flower pots are painted and stacked together as front porch decorations.
Stacked Welcome Planter via allParenting | Polka Dot Planter via Positively Splendid

Vintage Porch Lighting

I’m a bit obsessed with vintage lanterns and string lights lately, and with good reason. My front porch gets the most use during the first warm nights of Spring when it’s cool enough to ward off mosquitos and humidity but warm enough to sit outside with friends. Flickering lanterns and antique string lights dangling from a porch rail invite good conversation.

Lanterns and String lights for Spring front porch decoration.
Outdoor Lights at Pegasus Lighting

Shabby Chic Wind Chime

Chirping birds and the soft clinking of wind chimes are the melodies of Spring. This shabby chic DIY wind chime made of vintage keys in pastel hues is a soothing front porch addition.

Shabby Chic Wind chimes made out of painted vintage keys
via cancandancer.com

Bubbling Water Fountain

April rain and melting snow carries a steady flow of water along creeks and streams during the Spring. Bring the sounds of a bubbling brook to the front door with a DIY recirculating fountain. For an ethereal touch, add submersible LED tape lights to your water feature.

Recirculating water fountain for a Spring front porch
via Tater Tots & Jello

As you welcome your friends and family into your home this year, there are many ways to welcome Spring too. Small touches and pops of color are simple ways to turn your front porch into a bright and cheerful space to invite guests into the home.

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