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Product Spotlight: Solar LED White Washed Metal Lantern

Solar LED white washed metal lantern product spotlightThis year Pegasus Lighting added several new solar lights to our online store, and there are a handful that I’ve been ogling since the day they took residence on our site. In a strictly professional quest to gain a better understanding of our product offerings (wink, wink) I requested some products for thorough evaluation. The first item to take the spotlight: The Solar LED White Washed Metal Lantern:

Moonrays Solar LED lantern product image
The Moonrays Solar LED White Washed Metal Lantern

The Nitty Gritty:

  • The light is a little over 12” tall (about the size of a large shoebox) and has a metal white washed finish with opaque plastic lenses.
  • 2 Amber LEDs, powered by a solar panel and 1 AA NiCd rechargeable battery (included) provide 360 degrees of light.
  • Dusk to Dawn Operation turns the light off automatically when the sun comes up to save battery life.
  • $19.90 (price as of this blog post)

The Style:

This lantern would be an attractive addition to just about any style or decor. Use it with a beachy/coastal home or a rustic mountain cabin. I probably wouldn’t choose it as a decoration for an ultra-modern home, as it has a very vintage look.

Where you can use it:

LED solar metal lantern pictures
The vintage style solar lantern looked charming on my front porch steps, and on my patio table.

The lantern looked charming on my front porch steps, but it also looks gorgeous simply sitting on a patio table (see images above). With the metal hoop that’s permanently connected to the top, you could hang it from a porch, or hang one – or several – from shepherds hooks along a garden path. Just be sure that wherever they are, they have access to full sun for an extended period during the day to recharge.

I’m also not opposed to bringing this lovely little light indoors on occasion. With a full solar charge, it will illuminate for about 8 hours, plenty of time to serve as a holiday centerpiece.

Why I love it:

  • It has an antique/vintage look that goes with my style.
  • It flickers! (see video below)
  • The solar feature made it easy to install (i.e. I took it out of the box and plopped it on the front porch)
  • The price is right at less than $20.
  • It makes a spectacular gift idea.
  • I can dress it up during the different seasons. How adorable would this look with some holly branches and pine cones?
  • It will last forever. Or, at least a really long time. LED light bulbs will typically last for 50,000 hours or more. When I did the math, I figured that if it glows 8 hrs a night, that should give me about 17 years with a battery change every couple of years. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal.

Ready to get one of your own or buy one for a friend? http://www.pegasuslighting.com/solar-led-lantern-white-washed-metal.html


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