LED fiber optic star ceiling kit

How To Use Fiber Optic LEDs to Create a Sci-Fi Sanctuary

Science fiction aficionados may appreciate today’s blog post on one of the fundamental ingredients needed to create an other-worldly retreat where you can … well, space-out. From childhood bedrooms to multi-million dollar estates, science fiction has been the motivation for some of the most amazing spaces ever. Call it your Star Wars Sanctuary, Asimov Alcove, or Halo Haven, sci-fi rooms all have similar characteristics that give it their “universal” appeal. LIGHT.

Modern home Theater with fiber optic star lights
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Create an Astral Atmosphere

One of the most popular settings for a fictional future is in outer-space. A black landscape, interrupted only by the flickering of shining planets & stars is the perfect backdrop for sci-fi design. LED fiber optic ceiling lights will make you look like you’re in space.

How do they work?

LED Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Light Kit
The clear acrylic fibers attach to the LED Illuminator.

Light travels along the clear acrylic fibers in the LED fiber optic star ceiling kits from an LED illuminator to your ceiling. A “twinkle wheel” rotates in front of the LED inside the illuminator, creating a mesmerizing twinkling effect at the other end of the fibers.

How do I install them?

Patience and attention to detail will go a long way when installing these kits. You’ll find detailed instructions on this PDF, but if you’re debating an installation and want to know what’s involved before you dive in, here’s a very simplified version…

Super Important! You will be storing the kit and feeding the fibers through the ceiling, so you’ll need access to the ceiling area above the room where you want to install this kit. (Like an attic area)

Tools Needed:
A stud finder
A Pencil
Painters tape
Wire Cutters
A Ladder

Step 1: First you’ll need to find and mark the studs in the ceiling of the room where you are installing the kit. This step assures that you won’t drill through the studs. (We recommend using blue painters tape. It will save you from having to paint over pencil marks later).

Step 2: In the attic, position the illuminator box so that the long acrylic fibers can reach every corner of the room.

Step 3: Back downstairs, use your drill to make holes in the ceiling everywhere you want a twinkling “star,” making sure to avoid the studs.

Step 4: Back in the attic again (are you wishing for that teleportation machine yet?), thread the wires through each hole you made and secure with glue. It’s okay to let them hang through for now.

Step 5: Downstairs, one last time! Using wire cutters, cut back the fibers about ¼” from the ceiling.

That’s it! Sit back and enjoy your hard work, because you’ve created a brilliant display and completed your workout for the day.

Pegasus Tip: Make a home-made star constellation projector with star printables and a flashlight to mark real constellations!

Did you know that today is National Science Fiction Day, as well as Isaac Asimov’s birthday? 

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