5 most popular blog posts of 2014

Our 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014

5 most popular blog posts of 2014

As a company, providing a positive learning experience has always been one of our main goals. Creating valuable, readable blog posts is a big deal to us, and we spend a lot of time looking back at what we’ve written to find out what worked, and what didn’t.

As we look back at 2014, one thing remains clear. Our readers continue to look to us for expert advice on things like “What are the advantages of Low Voltage Lighting?” and “How do you install LED Step Lighting?” The ever-popular “How to Layout Recessed Lighting in 4 Easy Steps” still reigns as our top blog post of all-time.

But we also like to have a little fun at Pegasus Lighting. In fact, it’s one of our guiding principles. Doing photo round-ups and design series gives us a chance to step back from the technical aspects of lighting and enjoy the remarkable things light can do. It was encouraging to see that our readers enjoy it too. 

2014 was no exception. The top 5 most-viewed blog posts are a perfect combination of educational and inspirational:

# 1 — 11 Stunning Photos of Kitchen Track Lighting

Stunning kitchen track lightingTrack lighting is versatile: That’s why it works well in tiny kitchens, gigantic kitchens, and everything in between. Above, the track lighting gives the residential space a fun splash of the commercial. You can just imagine a large family gathering in this inviting, sparkling kitchen. It makes you feel special just looking at it…Read More

#2 — How to Choose Between LED Strip Lights and LED Puck Lights

You want to add some life to your kitchen, but a full-on renovation can be expensive. Upgrading or adding under cabinet lighting is one cost-effective way of dramatically improving the feel of your space (…) You might be wondering, What kind of LED under cabinet lighting is best for my space? Popular types are LED strip lights and LED puck lights. Here are a few things you should know about each before making your decision…Read More

#3 — LED T8 Linear Tube Lamps vs. Fluorescent T8’s

LED T8 Tube Light BulbAlthough LED T8s have not been around long enough to produce a thick memoir, there are some interesting things to note about why they exist.  A few years ago, there was concern that the rare earth metals used in fluorescent tube lamps might start getting significantly more expensive for the U.S. to purchase from China. Light bulb manufacturers began an arms race to develop an affordable and effective LED T8 replacement tube…Read More

#4 — 11 Stunning Photos of Luxury Bathroom Lighting

luxury bathroom lightingWhether you are a contractor, a lighting designer, a home remodeler, or just a fan of carefully planned home design, luxury bathrooms are fun and engaging to admire. Especially when you see something new or innovative that catches you off guard. “I never thought of THAT,” you might say. Well, I’m here today with something good to distract you with a stream of 11 large, high-resolution photos of stunning luxury bathrooms.…Read More

#5 — Low Voltage Lighting: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Straight Up Myths

low voltage lightingLow voltage lighting got its start in American residential settings in the 1950s. Originally developed to facilitate landscape lighting, low voltage lighting soon made its way indoors and is now very common for lighting applications like track lighting, recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting, strip lighting, and more. So, what’s the deal with low voltage lighting? What does low voltage lighting do that regular line voltage can’t? And why do people disagree on matters as seemingly straightforward as to whether or not low voltage light bulbs last longer? …Read More

To all of our readers, thank you for continuing to read and share our content. Your comments and insight are always welcome!

What do you want to see on the Pegasus Lighting blog in 2015?

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