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Light News: The 2015 International Year of Light

IYOL 2015 Logo2015 is the International Year of Light, and while we openly admit to being obsessed with anything light-related, we also understand that the rest of the world may not share our level of amazement. (Okay, we really don’t understand it, but we’ve come to accept it.) So imagine our joy when the United Nations announced this global initiative to educate the world about “the importance of light and optical technologies in their lives, for their futures and for the development of society.”

They could have done an International Day of Light, or even a month dedicated to light, but a year, folks. One. Entire. Year.

While the programs and displays throughout the year will surely draw attention to the scientific significance of light, it will also be a year packed full of inspirational art, design and poetry that’s thought-provoking and original. Take a look at just a few of the things planned:

  • Illuminate Bath, England — Illuminate Bath 2015 is a cutting-edge art event that will enthrall, entertain and engage audiences through architectural projections and interactive light installations. It puts light at the forefront of contemporary art in an urban environment. January 2015
  • The Story of Light, India — India’s first festival exploring the intersection of science, philosophy and culture through art and design, SOL intends to make leading-edge physics concepts accessible to the general public by enabling collaborations between artists and scientists. January 2015
  • Social Science: In the Dark, Minnesota — Explore a darkened museum and all that glows, flickers, and shines. With LED explorations and laser mazes, luminescence and phosphorescence, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss. February 2015
  • L-RO: The Play of Brilliant, Paris — Jeux de Lumière – The play of brilliant is the fantastical element of light, that enchants, excites and charms us. The exhibition offers visitors an opportunity to play and to experience the brilliance of light as demonstrated by a selection of fantastical pieces. March 2015

Sometimes we get caught up in the technology of light and its task-oriented purposes and forget about the breathtaking role that it plays in art & culture. We’re thrilled that these exhibits will exist alongside the most cutting-edge scientific discoveries.

For a full list of hundreds of events, and to learn more about the International Year of Light, visit Light2015.org.

What role do you think light plays in art & design?

Renee Carlson

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