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6 Popular Holiday Lighting How-To’s

Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day and even Halloween … No holiday is immune to the spell of twinkling of lights. Since July 2009, we’ve written over 600 blog posts. It comes as no surprise that a large majority of them have centered around a holiday. If you are one of the many folks hauling out holiday lights this weekend, you’ll appreciate this round-up of 6 Popular Holiday Lighting How-To Blog Posts that we’ve accumulated throughout the years.

1. Holiday Lighting Guide

Get out your notepads because we’re building a strategy in this Learn article with loads of tips on creating the ultimate holiday lighting plan.

holiday lighting guide

Holiday multi-colored string lights2. Your Guide to Efficient Holiday Lighting 

Check this out: 5 hours of using your LED string lights cost about 1¢. The same 5 hours of incandescent string lights? 33¢. Sorry folks, that great yard-sale find didn’t save you money in the long run. Chuck the old incandescent string lights and invest in energy-efficient LEDs. If that’s not enough to convince you, this blog post from 2011 gives even more statistics on the benefits of upgrading your holiday string lights. (Update 2015: This blog post is now part of The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Lighting)

3. Winning the Battle on Christmas Lights: Artificial Trees

How many strands of lights do I need? Should I start at the top or bottom? Guest blogger Linda Knighton answers these questions and more in this 2012 blog post.

4. The Perfect Holiday Wreath

The holiday wreath hanging on the front door brought back fond memories for Emily when she wrote this blog post in 2010. For a spectacular effect, she recommended lighting up the front door with a spotlight.

5. Lights for a Holiday-Ready Home

LED string lights are obvious choices for making your home holiday-ready. But how do step lights and spotlights fit in? Find out how in this blog post from 2012.

6. 14 Inspiring Ways to Make Your Home Sparkle This Holiday Season

Are you daring, whimsical or traditional when it comes to lighting up your home for the holidays? We’ve got them all covered in this recent blog post that offers something for every style & budget.

14 inspiring ways to make your home sparkle

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