holiday gifts for favorite man

Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Man

holiday gifts for favorite man

Coming up with meaningful gifts for the men in your life can be a challenge. Whether it’s my husband, my older brothers, my dad or my sons, I typically get one of two reactions to the question “What do you want for Christmas this year?”: A) A shrug with, “Ah, don’t get me anything” -or- B) His eyes light up, because he’s been waiting for this moment, and before I can even finish the sentence, he’s pulling out his iPhone with conveniently saved pictures of a custom Harley.

A Gift of Compromise

I revel in gift-giving, so the No-Gift idea doesn’t work for me. However, since I haven’t won the lottery yet, the over-the-top expensive gift isn’t realistic either. So how do you give a reasonably priced and unique gift that he will appreciate? The solution lies in finding a happy-medium that’s both affordable and gives him something practical that he’ll actually use and enjoy.

What’s Your Guy’s Passion?

The trick is to figure out what your guy is passionate about, and work within that theme. I’m fortunate that the men in my life have pretty easily identifiable hobbies and interests. I have an Outdoorsman, a Sports Fanatic, a Grill Master, a Handyman and an Entertainer – so this Holiday Gift Guide is crafted with those themes in mind.

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The Sports Fanatic
Get him two team jerseys, one to wear and one to show off with this Battery operated LED Picture Light.

The Grill-Master
St. Lucifer’s spice is self-described as “a wicked spice so tempting, so delicious, so irresistible, it’s almost a sin for food to be present without it.” (source) Make sure your BBQ Master has enough light to control the flow of wickedness with the Clamp-on Barbecue Grill Light.

The Outdoorsman
Survive a night in the jungle (or in your backyard) with a Black Mo Tools Axe by Brook & Hunter and a Wind-n-Go Flashlight Radio that doubles as an emergency siren.

The Handyman
For the guy that loves to rock out while he builds stuff, the Power Box 360 stereo by Bosch is a dust and moisture resistant powerhouse with a rubber cage exterior. Rock the night away with a powerful light for big projects and an LED Headlamp for smaller, intricate ones that need direct light.

The Entertainer
You know the kind — he has the biggest TV you’ve ever seen and has an entire room devoted to it. Upgrade the man cave with his favorite vintage movie poster and an LED Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Kit.

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