october 1999 pop culture

Pop Culture Flashback! October 1999

october 1999 pop culture

For the past several months, we’ve been taking our readers down Memory Lane in a time-machine set to 1999. It’s been our way of celebrating the genesis of Pegasus Lighting, which was introduced to the digital world in that same year. Some memories are light while others weigh heavy on our hearts, but all of them are part of the heritage of this great nation that created the opportunity for a small business to shine.

1. The Yankees take the World Series (Again)

Yankees Ball Image
via Flickr

The New York Yankees win the World Series for the second time in a row, this time in a four-game sweep against the Atlanta Braves.

2. “A Smooth” ride to the Top

Santana’s “Smooth,” a collaboration between Latin band Santana & Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas, hit the top of the billboards where it stayed for 12 weeks and still ranks as one of the most successful songs of all time by Billboard.

3. Golfer Payne Stewart dies at 42

Payne Stewart
via The Guardian

The world mourned the loss of a great man when a Learjet carrying U.S. Open golf champ Payne Stewart and four others plummeted 45,000 feet into a field of weeds in South Dakota on October 25, 1999.

4. Howard Stern announces separation

Howard and Allison Stern image
via Media Bio

The 90’s shock-jock separates from his wife Alison of 21 years.

5. In some schools, Pokemon is banned from school playgrounds

Pokemon image
via DeviantArt

According to an October 16, 1999 article in the LA Times, the Pokemon craze hit a new low when school-yard brawls began to take place over the cardboard critters.

6. Wilt Chamberlain dies at 63

Wilt image
via Lakers Blog

Considered by many to be one of the best players in NBA history, Chamberlain was the first NBA player to score more than 30,000 cumulative points over his career. A legendary figure, he died in his Bel-Air home on October 12, 1999 of congestive heart failure.

7. Gemstar merges with TV Guide

tvguide gemstar image

After years of legal battle, TVGuide agrees to a multi-billion dollar merger with it’s rival Gemstar, creating the first powerhouse in electronic programming guides.

8. An Angel Appears

Angel premiere
via Wikipedia

The first episode of Angel, a spinoff of the cult-classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered in October 1999 to mixed reviews.

9. The Rise of the Dot.com

Dot.com ads start appearing everywhere on radio, TV and print. A new age had begun.

10. An iceberg the size of London breaks free from the Antarctic Shelf

iceberg image
Iceberg B-15, also calved from the Ross Ice Shelf, via Josh Landis, National Science Foundation

Dubbed a “miniature continent,” the B10-A iceberg put the navy on alert when it began to drift dangerously close to shipping lanes.

11. The Day of Six Billion

6 billion image

Although it’s mere speculation, October 12, 1999 was proclaimed as the day the 6 billionth living human in the world was born.

12. Fight Club hits the theaters

Fight Club Image
via 20th Century Fox

Cited as one of the most controversial and talked-about films of 1999, Brad Pitt and Edward Norton starred in this movie that ignited a nationwide debate on violence in film and is said to have instigated real fight clubs across the country. Although box-office sales were lackluster, Fight Club had huge success in DVD sales, pushing it quickly into cult-classic status.

13. Matrix is the most popular Halloween costume

Neo Costume image
via Business Insider

With the first Matrix film released in 1999, the streets were full of Neo, Trinity & Morpheus on October 31st.

14. Super-cyclone hits India

cyclone image
via National Ocean Service

At peaks of 160 mph, the Odisha Cyclone wreaked havoc in India, reportedly killing over 10,000 people.

15. Nobel Peace Prize goes to Doctors Without Borders

doctors without borders image
via Charity.org

The humanitarian medical organization, best known for giving emergency aid to war-torn regions and developing countries, competed against 136 nominees to receive this honor, among them President Clinton & Pope John Paul II.

A Special Note from Pegasus Lighting: With only two months left on our trip through time, these posts remain steadfast reminders of our humble beginnings. We are ever-grateful to the people who have made our success possible, and no more has it been apparent than in the overwhelming response we received this week to our call for support in the Chase Mission Main Street Grant qualification. While it’s our hope that Pegasus Lighting is chosen to receive this incredible award, we are honored to be so highly regarded by our customers and industry partners that voted for us.

Until November…

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