Mutant Pumpkin Cyborg on Instructables

A Few of Our Favorite Light-Up Costumes

With the evolution of energy-efficient LED lighting came an endless source of creative costume ideas. Small, cool & colorful lights now come in portable, battery-operated packages where the only thing stopping you is your imagination! This Halloween season, we’ve rounded up a handful of our favorite costume creations using a variety of light sources.

Mutant Cyborg Halloween Pumpkin

Mutant Pumpkin Cyborg on Instructables
via Instructables

Part robot, part pumpkin, this crafty mutation is all ingenuity.

Glowy Zoey 

When Royce Hutain filmed and published this short clip of his daughter in her new home-made costume, it was an overnight sensation, even generating a call from the Jimmy Kimmel show. Hutain didn’t invent the LED light costume, so why the sudden fame? Maybe it’s the toddler waddle, all lit up in it’s glory. Or maybe it’s the chuckle of the gratified parents trying to keep the camera steady that just makes us crack up. Whatever it is, it’s absolutely brilliant. You can purchase these directly from Glowy Zoey in the $50-$90 range depending on size, or if you’re feeling crafty, make your own with one of the many tutorials online.

Be a Princess, or a Fairy …. or a Fairy Princess!

Fairy Princess Costume
via So Sew Easy

Any little girl can feel like a Princess with this delightful little light-up dress by So Sew Easy. Or combine two fairy-tale icons and make her a Fairy Princess by adding flickering light-up fairy wings! 

Jawa Costume

The poor Jawa, always back burner to the cool Jedi costume with LED Lightsabers, finally gets his turn in the spotlight in an adorable get-up complete with glowing eyes made out of orange LEDs. Make your own with this Instructable.


Tron Costume
via Instructables

I would be remiss not to mention the tried-but-true Tron costume. This inventive party-goer has figured out a way to power up his suit with a bit of DIY electrical engineering. A safer alternative would be to use reflective tape. So pull out your unitard, put away any self-worth you may have had (remember the unitard?), and suit up.

Goldie’s Bubbling Halloween Cauldron

Cauldron Costume on Instructables
via Instructables

Double, Double Toil & Trouble … I bet even Shakespeare would’ve appreciated the cleverness of this costume, created with wiffle balls & orange flashing string lights.

Littlest Firefly

Firefly Costume
via Coolest Homemade Costumes

Seriously cute enough to want to catch in a jar and take home! This dreamy Lighted Firefly costume features a light-up “tail” made out of glow sticks & a two-liter bottle wrapped in Lycra. Pegasus Tip: Replace the glow sticks with an LED Puck Light for a brighter and longer lasting tail!

Giant LED Costume

Giant LED Costume
via Instructables

Why use LED’s in your costume when you can BE an LED?? This costume made the list for it’s sheer entertainment value. Putting a plastic bag over your head? Not recommended. But you have to give them kudos for creativity.

Feeling inspired? Here are several products you can use to get started on creating the best costume on the block!

LED Battery Operated Ultra Bright Puck Light
Ultra Bright Puck Light
Clip on Bike Light
Battery-Operated Clip on Bike Light
Holiday multi-colored string lights
Mini String Lights
emergency road flare
Flashing Emergency Road Flare
Flexible LED Tape Light Kit
Flexible LED Tape Light

Are you using lights in your Halloween costume this year or do you have a great idea for one? Send us your pictures and ideas and we may feature them on our blog!

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