11 Stunning Photos of Yacht Lighting

If you’re like me, you have a favorable reaction to yachts, perhaps without ever having stepped foot on one. I have absolutely no idea how I will one day acquire a yacht. All I know is that yachts and I are destined to be together some way, somehow. This amorous examination of yacht lighting exists, yes, because there are interesting things to note about yacht lighting design, but, if I’m totally honest, we’re in the dog days of summer; I’m landlocked; and I want to stare at yachts. Do you want to stare at yachts, too? Let’s stare at yachts in all their luminous glory.

1. In A Word, Yes. 

Yacht Lighting
via 2LUXURY2

I am sucker for underwater lights. In pools, in little water features and ponds, they just make me smile. But beaming into a foreign sea from the hull of a yacht? I am slain (in a good way). Of course, that’s not the only amazing thing about the yacht lighting situation above. While the lights are illuminating the sea on either side of our vessel, whaddaya say we project the sea life around us onto this huge sail? OK, great!

I mean, seriously?! Are you seriously watching the sea life around your yacht as it’s projected onto a giant screen in the middle of the beautiful sea with starlight and moonlight above you and light beams shooting out of either side of your vessel? Yes? Well OK, then. I guess I would, too, if I were you.

2. Outdoor Recessed Lights

Yacht Lighting
via 66 Square Feet

What an amazing night time mood these recessed lights lend this yacht. I love the way the fixtures form scallops of light along the side of the cabin, especially because the reflective surface of the yacht amplifies the light levels. Very nice recessed lighting on the “patio,” too. I wouldn’t mind a little coffee and newspaper, or, um, e-reader in the morning out there. (Or a little glass of vino as the sun sets, for that matter.)

3. Luxury Yacht Bedroom

Yacht Lighting
via Home-Designing

That’s a lot of mini recessed lights – above, below, all around! I love the step lights surrounding the bed. After all, on a seafaring vessel, it’s probably a good idea to have step lights for guidance in most places! There are even reading lights on either side of this modern bed. The indirect lighting emanating from the circular cove on the ceiling is nice touch, too. Yes, I could call that home. Wake me when we’re in Argentina!

4. Warm Light Says Luxury

Yacht Lighting
via Charter World

And it also says, Come hither thou and hangeth out on me. Basically, these lighting designers have gotten it right. What looks better against the soft night sky than lights with a warm color temperature? (Hint: the answer is nothing!) The clusters of recessed lights on this yacht look like late sunlight on water. Just gorgeous and definitively inviting. I shall go to thee. And I will hang out on thee. And it will be good.

5. Blue Light Special

Yacht Lighting
via Key West Lookout

The Princess Marie Ann has a lot of style, and, I think, had our lives intersected long ago, we could have ended up together. Together on the moonlit sea we would have shared many a quiet evening, light literally emanating from our sacred union. This has been to say that I love the blue recessed lighting on the top level and adore the blue light backlighting the yacht’s name. The beautiful beams of light in the emerald water are also not terrible. Maybe in another life, Princess Marie Ann! Sorry, this blogger is taken. By a human – not a boat – by the way.

6. So Fresh and So Clean

Yacht Lighting
via Charter World

Those recessed light fixtures with single and multiple lamps are a great choice for this yacht living room/control center/spaceship dashboard. The top level is evenly lit, and the lower level, with its crisp light, invites the eye and the whole body, actually. Take me to Greenland, Captain! If you need me, I will be luxuriating.

7. Cove Lighting!

Yacht Lighting
via Light Tape UK

If there’s one trick everyone should know, it’s that cove lighting makes a huge impact on your space. Namely, it makes your space become instantly modern looking and relaxed. The great thing is that cove lighting is not that hard to achieve with LED tape or LED rope, and yet it makes a HUGE difference. After studying hundreds of photos of careful lighting design, this is one rule I have found to be unwavering. This rule applies to yachts, too, as you can see. Extra credit for the recessed lights grazing the textured wall, too.

8. Bad Photo. Redemptive Lighting.

Yacht Lighting
via SailTrue

In my book, this is magic. I’m not sure that this is technically a “yacht,” but who cares? The lighting is wonderful. The sophistication of the underwater lighting system and colored “tail lights” balanced by the whimsy of the colored Christmas lights make this yacht a luxurious item with soul. Love it.

9. Truly Stunning

Yacht Lighting
via YachtMasters

Dear Large Yacht, my name is Tom, and should I be granted permission to board, I would be completely fine with you taking me pretty much anywhere to do anything. Your interior lights compel me with their golden glow and their roseate reflection on the surface of the surrounding sea. Sincerely, Tom.

10. Keep It Simple

Yacht Lighting
via Leap Frog Lighting

To execute quality lighting design on a yacht, you don’t need blue and purple lights emanating from every angle. Mixed with high quality lighting products, simplicity can, in fact, be the best rule of thumb. This cabin is perfectly lit with these sensible recessed lights.

11. OK, It’s Not a Yacht, But… LOOK AT IT!

Yacht Lighting
via WorleyGig

That beautiful behemoth in the background could possibly be considered a yacht by some, and it’s certainly easy on the eyes – stunning, even – but my focus here is on THE LITTLE TUGBOAT WITH STRING LIGHTS. I’d rather be spending my nights at sea on that any day. OK, I’m lying. I’ll take the one with the movie theater. But this captures the imagination more than most luxury yachts. This little tugboat, in my mind at least, represents the soul of lighting design. On yachts as well as on land, lighting design should spark the imagination.

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  1. I like #6 and #7 the best. They seem the most modern and not too overdone. Some of the lighting on those other yachts might permanently alter my vision with too much warm or cool light!

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