11 Stunning Photos of Luxury Bathroom Lighting

Whether you are a contractor working for well-to-do clients, a lighting designer, a home remodeler, or just a fan of carefully planned home design, luxury bathrooms are fun and engaging to admire. Especially when you see something new or innovative that catches you off guard. “I never thought of THAT,” you might say. Well, I’m here today with something good to distract you from whatever else you could be reading or doing – a stream of 11 large, high resolution photos of stunning luxury bathrooms. The topic of focus? Lighting, of course. Check out these awesome luxury bathroom lighting solutions.

1. Cove Lighting Is Ultra Modern Design’s Best Friend

via www.interiorredesignseminar.com
via Interior Design Seminar

I just love the way the cove lighting on the ceiling and toe kick make it feel like this bathroom is located on a spaceship in the future. The tiny tile and curved walls, accented by the cove lighting, make this bathroom space feel almost reptilian, which sounds really weird but looks really cool. This is cove lighting used for the purposes of ultra-modern design. The cove lighting here is like a cello, which sounds great in any room but is best in the context of harmony. That’s what cove lighting is like in a really well designed ultra modern bathroom – a cello among other beautiful instruments. Cue the 2001 SPACE ODYSSEY soundtrack.

2. Cove + Recessed = Success

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Well, first of all, this bathroom has a sauna in it. It’s awesomeness should be momentarily acknowledged. Now that that’s out of the way, check out the way the cove lighting brings the beautiful wood tones to life. The recessed lights provide great general light. Like the simple angular design motif, the recessed lighting here is not meant to call attention to itself but to do its job humbly. That’s a sign of restraint in design that can really work to create a successful final product.

3. Cove Lighting with Mini Recessed Lights

via Interior Design Convention

The cove lighting under the cupboards and in the ceiling again create an otherworldly experience in this luxury bathroom. For some, this otherwordly feeling is akin to the spa feeling. You feel elsewhere in this bathroom. It’s a place to relax and forget life’s troubles. The mini recessed lights are a nice touch and almost remind you of step lights in a theater. Not a bad place to which to escape.

4. The Old Sconce-on-Metallic-Tile Trick

via Interior Design Convention

Oh, look, it’s the old sconce on copper trick! I jest: This is not old hat but highly innovative. I love all the shiny surfaces in this luxury bathroom. That tub isn’t half bad either, and it looks especially alluring with the inconspicuous can lights and cove lighting above it. Full disclosure: I thought that thing on the right was a light bulb, but it’s just the reflection of the ceiling above the tub. That’s the thing about shiny surfaces: They reflect light. The light in this luxury bathroom is really fun.

5. Mega Modern Chandelier

via Interior Design Convention

It feels weird to even call this fixture a chandelier. It’s so modern-looking and compact, you could almost call it a semi flush mount ceiling fixture. I love a chandelier in an unexpected place. It’s great here because it draws the eye and lends itself to the sensation that this is not a utilitarian, get-in-get-out luxury bathroom. This is a place to “chill,” as they say. And I’m pretty sure that’s what they mean by “luxury.” It means, “you can chill in there.” I love the square-trimmed mini recessed lights, and, if I squint, I see that wonderful touch of colored cove lighting over the left sink.

6. An Accent to Draw Your Eye

via Interior Design Convention

This is just so simple and so perfect. This kind of design is almost difficult to talk about. Instead of laboring over how to say exactly why this design is so cohesive and successful, I think I’ll let it speak for itself. Just notice how that little bit of amber colored cove lighting draws the eye. What a nice focal point, whose position at the back of the room makes the whole luxury bathroom look bigger and more sweeping. The warm light scallop from the recessed spot lights above the tub is nice, too: Just a splash of warm light makes this place very inviting.

7. Recessed on Mirrored Ceilings with Scallops

via Interior Design Convention

This luxury bathroom uses recessed lighting to create a bright, clean environment. The mirrors make the space look larger, and the pot lights recessed into the mirrors demonstrate the work of highly skilled professionals. Sometimes, it’s the quality of the craftsmanship, and the implied expense of such highly skilled labor, that contributes significantly to the overall luxuriousness of a bathroom.

8. Temple of the Porcelain God

via Trendecoration

Sconces, flush mount fixtures, pot lights, oh my! Again we have here a wonderful interplay of light and texture, as the warm recessed light about the tub sparkles like starlight on the midnight blue tiles. The stained glass image of a bathing woman of antiquity helps give this bathroom an almost sacred feel. It’s as if to say, “Me time is downright holy.” The extra warm light of the sconce and flush mount light above the vanity create balance with the cool tones of the tile and the decorative hanging lamp. I really like this one. Another title for this one could have been “Warm and Cool,” but wouldn’t have been as fun, would it have?

9. A Little of Everything

via Interior Design Convention

Again, modern design employs cove lighting. Are you noticing a theme? If you’re trying to create a more modern look in your home, adding cove lighting will definitely help. In some cases, cove lighting can completely transform your space. But we aren’t talking about your space unless you have a luxury bathroom. I like the angularity in this bathroom, and the pendant lights are a nice touch. I also find the close proximity of the pot lights in the little alcoves on either side of the tub to be interesting. The wall glows in those places, drawing the eye. (Actually, if I had one criticism, I’d say that there are too many things competing to be the focal point.)

10. Square Flush Mount Scenario

Luxury Bathroom Lighting
via Interior Design Convention

Now, this is elegant. People usually think of square ceiling lights as ultitarian or institutional, but they work very well in this lovely luxury bathroom. That COULD be because their lenses are made of crystal. Somehow though, there’s a humbleness in this luxury design. It’s nice without being ostentatious.

11. A Visual Echo of Semi Circles

luxury bathroom lighting
via deehouzz.com

There’s kind of cool thing going on here. The vanity lights match the sconces over the tub, and their shape matches the arched ceiling, large window, and even counters (notice how they bulge out). This luxury bathroom may not be the most expensive of this collection, but it does transmit one very important lesson: Every design element must have a purpose. If all these shapes line up, it’s because careful thought has been put into seeing all the design elements as parts of one visionary whole. For lighting enthusiasts, this means that the shape and look of the fixtures are important in addition to the warmth and color rendering of the light source. I hope this and the other photos of the best luxury bathroom lighting I have recently seen has inspired you and given you a place to return if you’re ever involved in a bathroom lighting project.

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