New LED Light Bulb Mimics Sunset to Improve Sleep


There’s a new LED light bulb in town. And it has been designed to help you fall asleep. Here’s the premise: Before we had electric lights, we adapted our sleep patterns to the rising and setting of the sun. But these days, many of us have completely lost touch with the natural rhythms of light and darkness. We stay up until the wee hours, our faces washed in the light of a computer or tablet screen, our eyes glazed over. We wake up to alarms, feeling perpetually like we haven’t gotten enough sleep. Sound familiar?

Saffron’s Drift Light is here to help. The Drift Light is like a normal LED replacement for a 40 watt incandescent light bulb. It fits into all the fixtures that traditional A19 incandescent light bulbs fit into. The difference is that by turning the Drift Light light bulb on, then off, then on again, you set it into midnight mode. Once set in midnight mode, the light bulb steadily dims over the course of 37 minutes, the average length of the sunset. The idea is that going from light to dark immediately in unnatural. The slow dimming effect of the Drift Light, mimicking the sunset, encourages higher quality sleep, the company says.

CNET refers to the Drift Light as “a high-tech Sandman.” Writing for CNET, Amanda Kooser reviewed the Drift Light earlier in the month. Kooser reports that during the first night, she was highly aware of the way the light was dimming, but during the next few nights, she never caught the light turning off because she was already asleep. As somone who claims to have “notorious” sleeping troubles, this would imply that the Drift Light works pretty well.

Kooser says that since you know the LED light bulb will dim over the course of 37 minutes, it’s easy to plan for the light to turn off around the time you want to fall asleep. The most compelling statement Kooser makes about the Drift Light: “There is something soothing about the world dimming around you. It’s like being a kid with an early bedtime, sensing the sun set outside your window.”

I’m interested to see if this product will become popular. Have you ever tried anything like this to improve your sleeping habits? Leave a comment, and let us know!


Tom Sowders

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