Apartment Lighting Project: Over Cabinet Lighting in One Easy Step

I live in an apartment, so I face certain constraints when it comes to upgrading my lighting. I can’t hard wire anything. I can’t install any power outlets. But, thanks to this LED tape/rope hybrid, I can dramatically improve the look and feel of my kitchen with over cabinet lighting. And you can, too.

Check out what a HUGE difference a little over cabinet lighting makes. In a kitchen that always tempts me to bust out the safety goggles and crow bar, this little touch makes the kitchen a little more palatable. I think I won’t tear it apart after all.

Sans Lighting
Over Cabinet LED Lighting

Laying down some LED lights above your cabinet is excellent for creating nice ambient light in a way that, really, only over cabinet lighting can accomplish. Because the light bounces off the corner of the ceiling, it arrives on your retinas more gently than other kinds of kitchen lighting do. Oh yeah, and it accents whatever you have decorating your cabinet tops. Take all this, and consider that this LED strip is far more energy efficient than running the incandescent oven hood light, and you’ll be able to imagine how happy we are with this small but potent lighting upgrade.

Can you think of a more effective use of 20 bucks in improving an apartment kitchen? If so, I’d love to know!

Tom Sowders

After majoring in creative writing at NC State, I worked in the home remodeling industry. Then, I attended graduate school for a really long time and gained experience as a writer and writing instructor. I live in the Raleigh-Durham area with my wife and baby boy, and you can find me around the Triangle anywhere there's good music and/or NC-style BBQ.

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