11 Stunning Photos of Kitchen Track Lighting

Lately, I have been coming across lots of photos of cool applications of kitchen track lighting. So this week I thought I would share some of my favorites with you. I hope you find some inspiration below. Or, if not, I hope you at least enjoy seeing how relevant track lighting in the kitchen has become.

1.  Real-life Kitchens

via Pinterest (Marcia Moore)

It’s not a huge, luxurious kitchen. It is something better: Real. Track lighting functions to illuminate kitchen tasks while accenting the wall. All is taken care of with one fixture. It’s the perfect solution in this kitchen full of well-used space.

2. For Gigantic Kitchens, Too

via arcadianhome.com

Track lighting is versatile: That’s why it works well in tiny kitchens, gigantic kitchens, and everything in between. Above, the track lighting gives the residential space a fun splash of the commercial. You can just imagine a large family gathering in this inviting, sparkling kitchen. It makes you feel special just looking at it.

3. Creating Angles

via www.xifr.com

The lighting design pictured above calls attention to the right angles in the kitchen. It’s a metropolitan look that gives the room a sense of cohesion. Track lighting like this can also be used in kitchens with exposed beams. Using tracks to cross gaps or grades in the ceiling can be really cool.

4. Pendants and Spots, Spots and Pendants

via arcadianhome.com

Most kitchens that utilize track lighting will feature either spot lights illuminating important places in the kitchen, like the counters and sink, or pendants over an island or bar. Some kitchens, like the one above, utilize both kinds of track fixture. Note the way the track lighting directs the eye upward. Without being in this place physically, you can still sense the way the high ceilings give the place an almost weightless atmosphere.

5. Custom Track Shapes

via www.decobiz.com

Another new trend in kitchen track lighting is the flexible track. While this kind of track is generally not malleable by hand, a special track bending tool allows you to create a custom shape. I’m not sure who bent the track above into that nice curve, but it sure looks good in this real-life kitchen, which is complete with baby pictures on the fridge.

6. Wire Track Lighting

via www.lightology.com

Kitchens like the one above make you see the brilliance of modern design. To put it simply, this kitchen is beautiful work of art, from the brushed metal ceiling to the glass tile to the granite to the smooth top range. To the track lighting! Can I hang out in here? FOREVER?! Muah ha ha. Ahem. Moving on.

7. Very High Ceiling

via arcadianhome.com

Remember that “weightless atmosphere” I mentioned earlier? It’s happening full throttle in the kitchen above. The low-hanging track light pendants are like arrows pointing way up to the ceiling. It’s impossible not to look up, and that’s exactly what architecture like this wants you to do: Look up. Look everywhere. This is successful design.

8. Chef’s Kitchen

via hudsoncabinetmaking.com

These very bright track lights look great with their blue glass shades. And they are task-oriented lights, a clear choice for the chef of the house. The aesthetic and functional dualism embodied by kitchen track lighting echoes the aesthetic/functional dualism of the culinary arts. It provides something you need and looks good while it does it.

9. Pendants Done Right

via blogspot.com

And here we have a lovely kitchen island situation. Notice that the island is dynamic. There’s a gas range for the chef and chairs for the kids. Quite a lot going on. So they had to be very deliberate and smart about the lighting. These white pendants are perfect. What was once utilitarian is now elegant – even graceful.

10. Kitchen Track Lighting Mash Up

via blogspot.com

Here we have a kitchen doing it all with track lighting. There are spot lights, pendants, and it’s even on a curved monorail. These contribute warm light to a comfortable environment, and they go well with the chandelier. Win.

11. Stunningly Wrong

via www.city-data.com

I didn’t want to create the impression that all track lighting works in the kitchen all the time. There are inferior products out there that could potentially just make your kitchen weird. This can be aggravating, so stay on track and use only attractive fixtures in the kitchen.

Tom Sowders

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