Brighten Your Business and Cut Down Your Energy Costs

Let’s face it; while working for yourself can be an amazing experience, owning your own business can come with a ton of unsightly costs you may not have been anticipating. One of those may be energy costs for lighting and illuminating your building. This day and age, lighting can account for up to 35% of a business’s energy costs which can be a huge impact on your profit. So what are some ways you can help cut down on this expensive expenditure?

Cut lighting costs

Understand Your Lighting Needs

It is important to first understand what type of lighting will best suit your business. Are you lighting a restaurant? A book store? Coffee shop? Retail outlet? Whatever the genre, you need to determine how your customers are using your space. Lighting should be adequate and efficient to fit their needs. You will also want to decide the color and hue you want your lighting to have. Being aware of your customer’s needs can help you determine whether or not your company should have more or less lighting. This will reduce unnecessary energy costs by ensuring you are not using extra lighting when it is not needed.

Use Sensors or Controls

When you were a kid, there was probably a time when you got the “Turn of the lights, you are wasting our money speech,” from your parents. Or maybe you have to constantly remind your own kids to shut off the lights when leaving a room. The concept goes hand and hand with your business as well. But instead of having to nag your employees to remember to check the office lights, or make sure the bathroom light bulbs are off when closing, try investing in automatic light controls.

  • Lighting control panels will turn fixtures on and off at designated times. They can be preset to activate based upon your store hours.
  • Occupancy sensors are perfect for areas where you are unsure of the traffic frequency, such as bathrooms, offices, conference rooms, etc. They are motion activated and can ensure a room won’t be lighted if it is unoccupied.
  • Photo sensors are ideal for outside areas as they detect changes in light to determine when they should illuminate an area.

Use Energy Efficient Lighting

Technology has been kind to the lighting industry. Business owners and consumers are now provided with an array of energy efficient lighting products that can greatly reduce energy costs in the workplace. Be sure to explore all you lighting options when selecting the best illumination techniques for your company. Using energy efficient light bulbs combined with good design can decrease costs of things like air conditioning and ventilation. By upgrading your business’s lighting to more energy efficient methods, you will be able to save significantly on energy costs.

So are you are looking to save money? Or perhaps you just want to enhance the appearance of your business by making it brighter and more welcoming? Maybe you just want to help reduce your business’s carbon footprint? Whatever the reason, it is an excellent idea to reevaluate your company’s lighting needs to ensure you are providing an ideal atmosphere to your customers and saving money in the long run.

Chris Johnson

I am the President & CEO of Pegasus Lighting. Beyond my day job, my professional interests include small business, technology, web design and development, operations, marketing, and social media. My personal interests include spending time with my two children and wonderful wife, reading presidential history and business books, and striving for my work | life balance.