3 Ways DIY’ers Are Redefining Rope Lighting

We’ve seen LED rope lights transform a living room cove ceiling, illuminate a staircase handrail, and accent outdoor decks and patios.

Sure, this light source lends itself to unique and creative applications: it’s completely flexible, easy to install, and truly eye-catching. We’ve been wowed in the past, but DIY’ers are now taking LED rope lighting to places we’ve never seen before. Clearly, there is no end to the creative uses for this light source!

1. Word Wall Art in a Playroom:  This homeowner created an inspiring word art installation on the wall of her son’s playroom. She used the screw-in mounting clips that come with the product for wall hanging.

One great tip for a project like this is to place weights (or other heavy objects) on top of your rope light to shape it properly. Often our customers say that rope lights tend to hold their coil from packaging for a little while; this will help accelerate the uncoiling.

Image via prettyhandygirl.com
Image via www.prettyhandygirl.com

2. A Crocheted LED-Lit Rug:  This one blew us away! The single strand of LED rope lighting was crocheted into a generic spiral pattern to create this rug. For anyone who wants to emulate, the original post recommended sturdy rope yarn and a very large crochet hook so that you can work around the lightstrand. Amazing!

Image via www.wonderhowto.com
Image via www.wonderhowto.com

3. A Backlit Bedroom Headboard:  RemoveandReplace.com posts some incredible DIY projects, and this “floating” headboard is no exception. The headboard itself was crafted from leftover walnut flooring, and the LED rope lighting was mounted to MDF backing on the wall behind it.

Image via www.removeandreplace.com
Image via www.removeandreplace.com

Where are you seeing LED rope lighting used lately?

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