Pegasus Lighting Roundup: Lighting In July

Want to know what has been happening in the lighting world this month? Today’s blog post has the highlights.

Lighting News…

1. Ann Makosinski, a Canadian teen, has invented a thermoelectric flashlight that uses body heat to power a bright LED. The device is hollow, and harvests heat from the user’s hand to function. Makosinski explains in this video:

Read more about the flashlight here.

2. Miami-based Energy Saving Solutions USA will be the first lighting company to offer an LED light with a lifetime guarantee, according to their founder & CEO Peter Stein in this press release. With the launch of these Forever LEDs drawing near, ESS is already feeling the demand. Who’s first on the list to get these miracle light bulbs? Two Maxwell-Kates condominium buildings in New York City. It’s estimated the lights will save about $160,000 for Maxwell-Kates.

3. Every year, dozens jump to their deaths off the Mapo Bridge in Seoul, South Korea.  Cheil Worldwide decided to take on the issue by using motion sensing lights to convert the bridge into a friendly and hopeful place, lighting up messages like “How have you been?” and “Just go and see the person you miss” as pedestrians cross over. As a result, suicide rates on the bridge have gone down by 77%. Learn more in this video:

Read more about this light installation here.

4. The arrival of William and Kate’s new baby George got mixed attention from the media. Some couldn’t get enough of the hype, and some just didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. However, one thing we can all agree on was the very clever use of lights on the night after the new prince’s birth. Architainment Lighting went to work turning some of London’s most famous landmarks blue for the occasion. Read more about the lighting designs here.

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Lighting Tips…

1. Do you know what uses the most energy in your home? Surprisingly, devices that tend to really inflate your power bills aren’t old or outdated. Many newer items like laptops, TVs, and phones are sucking the most energy – mostly because there aren’t federal efficiency regulations in place yet. Read more about this issue here.

2. Summer is a great time to plan outdoor get-togethers and parties. For a festive atmosphere when the sun goes down, you may want to use some fun party lights. Check out this list from Apartment Therapy for 10 party lighting projects you can make yourself.

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3. Installing lights and other fixtures in tile can be tough. Cutting tile can be tedious and messy, and it’s much harder to fix your mistakes. Check out this article from Houzz for some pro tricks for installing fixtures in your tile.

4. Insomnia is a growing epidemic in the U.S. Many sleep-deprived people have begun turning to sleeping pills for relief. However, according to a recent study featured in Forbes, sunlight could provide a natural cure for millions of insomniacs. The study compared the sleep cycles of office workers who worked in rooms with or without windows. Those who were exposed to sunlight during the day slept an average of 46 more minutes per night.

Sleep and Sunlight

Other Cool Stuff…

1. Photographer Harold Ross uses LED lighting to “sculpt” his night landscapes. By positioning LED flashlights to selectively illuminate nighttime scenes, the final photographs look more like paintings than regular photographs. See for yourself here.

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2. Looking to improve the task lighting in your kitchen? In this kitchen lighting feature on, lighting designer Eddie Cohen shares his top 6 ideas for great task lighting. He talks under cabinet lighting, recessed lighting, track lighting, and more.

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What lighting changes have you made this month? The comments section is open!

Annie Josey

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