10 LED Task Lights Under $60

When I talk to people about LED lights, the response is often the same: “That’s very exciting. LEDs are really cool. But they’re so expensive.” While you can say the prices of LEDs are going down, and you can promise that once you buy an LED it will save loads of energy, this doesn’t change the fact that many LED lights and light fixtures still cost a pretty penny.

But finally, LEDs are becoming less expensive. Today, you can buy a high quality LED A lamp for well under $50, and many kinds of LED fixtures for around that price as well. For today’s blog post, I’ve come up with a list of my 10 favorite LED task lights that cost less than 60 bucks each.  If you’ve never used an LED light fixture before, give one of these a whirl and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

1. The LED Flexible Work Light – $29.90

LED Flexible Work Light

This handy utility light has a magnetic base and strong clamp to mount exactly where you need it. Its long flexible neck will fit in small places to provide bright light that can help you complete all kinds of tasks. Use it at the grill or in the garage, at a workbench or out on the road.

2. LED Straight Edge Linear Strip Light – $50.50

Linear LED Light Strip

This linear task light offers all the benefits of quality LED lights, at a very reasonable cost. The fixture is only 0.5″ thick, is dimmable, comes in several color temperatures, and gets an impressive number of lumens per watt. Use it as under cabinet lighting, desk lighting, or even display lighting.

3. LED Battery Operated LED Under Cabinet Light With Motion Sensor (2 Pack) – $24.99

Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Lights

Each of these LED task lights illuminates up to 10 square feet of space, and detects motion from up to 5 feet away. Use screws and adhesive to mount it anywhere you need extra light. These lights make great under cabinet fixtures, but they also come in handy as workspace or storage lighting, illuminating hard to reach places.

 4. LED 2.9W High Brightness Puck Light Kit – $38.90

High Brightness Puck Light

These small task lights fit almost anywhere to add the perfect amount of task illumination. They certainly don’t cost a fortune, but once you install them, you’ll see that their light quality rivals that of incandescent lighting. That’s right, warm white lighting and efficient fixtures, all for a very reasonable price. Use them for under cabinet lighting, desk lighting, shelf lighting, or accent lighting.

5. LED Multi-Functional Flashlight & Emergency Light – $40.30

LED Multi-Functional Flashlight

The perfect task light for a person on the go, this LED utility light is compact enough to fit on a headband, but bright enough to be seen up to 1.25 miles away. It has 8 distinct lighting modes – steady beams and emergency signals. It’s also magnetic, and water and impact resistant.

6. LED Battery Operated Puck Lights – $5.85

LED Puck Lights

One of the best deals around, this puck light can stick anywhere for easy task lighting. Just press the center to turn it on. Use it for anything from under cabinet lighting in the kitchen to night lighting in the bathroom.

7. Very Thin LED Light Bars – $58.90

LED light Bars

This light bar is less than 1/3″ thick, so it will fit almost anywhere to provide warm white task lighting. It has an excellent color rendering index, and a rated life of 60,000 hours. Use it under shelves or cabinets to illuminate any work space.

8. LED Battery Operated Flexible Reading Light – $9.90

Flexible reading light

This utility light‘s flexible arm curls perfectly around books, eReaders, and even your neck to provide great task lighting, even on the darkest nights. You carry it with you while to travel to read on dark planes or in the car, but with light this convenient, you might just want to keep it by your bedside for easy access.

9. LED Low Wattage Puck Lights – $18.90

Low Voltage Puck Lights

If you’re really looking for value when shopping for LED puck lights, you can’t go wrong with these. For less than 20 bucks, you get an LED light that can go almost anywhere. Using only 1.5W of energy, it’s just as bright as a 20W incandescent light.

10. LED Task Light With Flexible Neck & Magnetic Base – $6.90

LED Task Light

For great light in hard to reach places, look no further than this LED task light. Use the magnetic base to attach it directly to a surface and get to work. The light can stretch up to 15 inches away.

Annie Josey

Annie was the E-Commerce Marketing Specialist at Pegasus Lighting from June 2012 to October 2013. She has a background in English literature, and loves using language to help illuminate the world. So covering lighting news and tips naturally fit her interests. In her personal time she enjoys painting, biking, and reading.

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