What is the Federal Energy Deregulation Act?

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Take back the power, literally! According to Bill Olderman (here is his LinkedIn profile), an energy expert at Titan Energy and the author of today’s blog post, you have more control than you think over your home or building’s energy supply. Whether you want lower bills, more reliable service, or a better approach to the environment, you need to know your rights…

Since the Federal Energy Deregulation Act passed in 1999, many business and homeowners still haven’t exercised their right to choose their energy supplier. The ability for consumers to lower their energy costs, protect against rising rates, and, if interested, make an environmentally friendly choice, are all benefits of Deregulation. 3rd Parties help accomplish this by strategically purchasing the energy you use, in the same way the utility previously did, in the open market.  Depending on your state and the utility which serves you, the benefits will vary.

Deregulation dictates that your local utility can’t “Profit” on the supply of energy. Therefore, they don’t compete with 3rd parties, and shouldn’t care that you choose a supplier. However, you can still see this happen in states like Ohio (in certain markets), when they choose a supplier for you if you don’t choose yourself. Your local utility still delivers, services, and bills your account, as well as responds to any emergencies. This is where the utilities earn their profits.

By taking action, you can significantly improve your cash flow. Whether you own a home, a small office, or manage a nationwide organization, speaking to an energy professional can produce immediate and lasting results. First an energy consultant will analyze your billing and usage history. Next, the appropriate, licensed suppliers in your area will vie to be your energy supplier. Finally, your consultant will present you with options that meet your individual needs, whether they’re financial, environmental, or both.

You can learn more about how to choose your energy supplier, save power, and contact an energy professional on Titan Energy’s website.

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This post is written by a guest blogger for Pegasus Lighting.