CFLs and LEDs Steadily Gain Popularity

Compact Fluorescent Lighting
New research shows that the number of U.S. households using energy-saving LEDs or CFLs is increasing. Around 87% of households use at least one of these energy efficient light bulbs, and 77% use three or more. That’s up from 86% and 75% respectively in 2011.

Why do the numbers keep rising?

The answer is multi-faceted.

In a large-scale energy audit survey of 32,000 homes about energy use and energy efficiency, researchers found consumers were primarily motivated to use CFLs and LEDs to save money on their energy bills. Those who were slightly more environmentally conscious were more likely to use multiple CFLs and LEDs.

This increase in popularity also comes from utilities offering incentives for homeowners to switch to energy-efficient lights, especially CFLs, and the general-service incandescent phaseout that began in early 2012, removing many standard household lamps from the market.

Will LEDs and CFLs continue to rise in popularity?

According to this article from E Source, the answer is a resounding yes.

We expect utilities to shift their incentives from just standard A-lamp CFLs to specialty CFLs like globes and reflectors, along with more LEDs. Also, thanks to increasing incentives from utilities and statewide energy efficiency programs, along with improved technology, we can expect to see more LEDs and specialty CFLs in retail stores at affordable prices.

It may be interesting to note, however, that residents of larger houses – 5,000+ square feet – aren’t as likely to use CFLs and LEDs even though they have the greatest ability to do so. Larger homes are less likely to use 11 or more energy efficient light bulbs when compared to somewhat smaller homes (3,000 – 5,000 square feet), even though they have more light sockets.

For more information, check out this article from Fierce Energy.

Annie Josey

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