Pegasus Lighting Roundup: Lighting In May

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It’s time for our monthly update on the most exciting happenings in the lighting world!

In Lighting News…

According to e! Science News, the new production of dual-color lasers could lead to cheaper, more efficient LEDs. It’s normally very costly and difficult to physically put together several lasers of different colors in one LED, but researchers at Arizona State University are about to change that. Read more.

On May 15, the US Department of Energy issued new protocols for calculating savings from energy efficient home, commercial, and industrial upgrades. The new protocols are voluntary, but formulated to encourage a common structure to determine energy savings based on average efficiency measures. Read more.

Lighting magazine recently published an article by lighting designer James Bedell about lighting CRI (Color Rendering Index). CRI is defined as the measure of how accurately a light portrays color, but Bedell argues that CRI actually has very little to do with how our eyes see colors. Instead, the CQS (Color Quality Scale) proves to be a more accurate measure. Read more.

A new study at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and The Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) found a link between energy efficient homes and morgage risks. It seems that owners of ENERGY STAR-certified houses are less likely to default on their home loans. Read more.

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In Lighting Tips…

How do you wire a ceiling fan with other lights and outlets? This article from provides a comprehensive look at how to perform this, and and many other kinds of wiring at home. Read more.

In an uncertain economy, you can still be certain of the savings provided by energy efficient technology. Lighting updates are an essential choice for the future success of any establishment. It’s time to pay attention to the benefits of new light sources and lighting controls. Read more.

Summer is on it’s way! This patio lighting guide from Houzz will make sure you’re ready for those long summer nights. Learn how to make the most of your space with string lights, step lights, pendants, recessed lights, sconces, and more. Read more.

Other Cool Stuff…

Regular night lights a little to boring for you? Check out this tutorial I found on Earth Techling to learn how to make a night light out of glowing algae. The glow is quite soothing, and best of all, it runs on zero electricity! Read more.

Image via Caleb Kraft/Hackaday
Image via Caleb Kraft/Hackaday

Matt Molloy is a photographer who creates stunning visuals by layering hundreds of time lapsed photos of the sky. The cloud and light patterns are like nothing I’ve ever seen. Read more.

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Image via

Who would have thought solar panels, designed not to be noticed, could make bold, cool art installations? Clean Technica has put together a list of 11 of the coolest art installations around the world inspired by solar panels. You’ll never look at them the same. Read more.

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Ever wonder how much the right lighting can change your face? This new video project from Sparkles and Wine demonstrates just that. See the eerie effect lighting can have on the face here.


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