11 Beautiful Photos Of Under Cabinet Lighting


Taking your kitchen from dim and dull to bright and beautiful is no small task. While experts agree lighting is one of the most important design features in any room, it might not be so easy to create your perfect kitchen lighting scheme flying solo.

A stylish, functional kitchen needs to have overhead/ambient lighting, accent lighting, and of course task or under cabinet lights.

If you’re still in the dark about what lighting scheme will work best in your kitchen, check out these 11 amazing photos for a little inspiration:

1. Microfluorescent Under Cabinet Lights

Microfluorescent Under Cabinets and Over Sink

 The microfluorescent fixtures under the cabinets in this kitchen provide bright white light, adding to the space’s ultramodern feel.

2. LED Puck Lights

Puck Lights In Kitchen

These bright LED puck lights add pops of much needed illumination in the main work areas of this contemporary white kitchen. To find out how many puck lights you need in your kitchen, check out this helpful article.

3. LED Motion Sensor Lights

Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Lights

If you prefer your task lighting quick, easy, and automatic, battery operated LED motion sensing lights will turn on only when you need them. 

4. Linear LED Under Cabinet Lights

LED Under Cabinet Lights Kitchen

These classic LED under cabinet lights provide an even sheet of bright light over the expansive counter tops in this traditional kitchen. To determine how many linear under cabinet lights you’ll need in your kitchen, check out this article.

5. Linear Xenon Under Cabinet Lights

Xenon Under Cab Lights

The xenon task lights under these cabinets make this kitchen feel warm and inviting. They’re fully dimmable and have a perfect color rendering index, so your kitchen will always look exactly the way you want it to. Here’s an example of how to install this kind of fixture.

6. Xenon Triangle Puck Lights

Kitchen with Xenon Puck Lights

For something a little more artistic, you should try these triangle-shaped xenon puck lights. In this kitchen, they perfectly complement the angular tile on the backsplash.

7. Xenon Light Strips

xenon under cabinet light strip

This low profile light strip provides flattering white light to any kitchen counter top. These lights are dimmable, and you can customize the length of the strip to fit whatever project you’re working on.

8. LED Light Bars


The white light from these super thin LED light bars will complement both modern and traditional kitchens.

9. Round Xenon Puck Lights

puck light showcase

Another option for your under cabinet lights are these round xenon puck lights. They add valuable task light where you need it most, and as you can see in the photo, they also work well as accent lights within kitchen cabinets.

10. Steel Xenon Recessed Puck Lights


It’s easier than you might think to install these xenon puck lights. You can learn how to get the slick look pictured above in this blog post.

11. LED Tape Lights

LED Under Cabinet Lighting

LED tape lights give you so much freedom when designing your kitchen’s lighting scheme. They’re one of the thinnest fixtures we have, they’re dimmable, trimmable, and come in a variety of color temperatures and colors!

For more design ideas, visit our under cabinet lighting page.

Which kitchen is your favorite?

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