Pegasus Lighting Roundup: Lighting in April

Midwest Energy News
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A lot has been happening in the lighting world lately. Here are this month’s highlights…

In Lighting News…

Turkeys Love LEDs: A Minnesota turkey farmer is using LED lights to keep his turkeys happy and healthy. Every morning, Mike Langmo uses his dimmable, programmable LED lights to simulate a sunrise for his flock. There’s evidence that this practice is helping regulate their circadian rhythms, possibly contributing to their health and well-being. Read how it works here.

LED Prices Dropping: Two months ago, Cree announced they would be selling an LED light bulb for less than $10 in the US. Now, Osram has revealed that their new LED replacement for the 40W incandescent will retail at €9.95 in Germany. With prices going down this rapidly, LED light bulbs are becoming more attractive to consumers. Read more about this event here.

Most Efficient LED?: Philips has also been stepping up their game this month, claiming to have created the world’s most efficient lamp. It’s an LED tube light replacement prototype that produces 200 lumens of pure white light for every watt it uses. Learn the details here.

In Lighting Tips…

Freshome High Ceilings
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Why You Need Good Windows: House Hunting? Make sure to take note of the kind of natural light your potential abode offers. Learn when darkness should be a deal breaker, and when you should tolerate it. How much natural light your house gets can be a difficult thing to change when you’re already moved in. Read this article for the details.

Tricks For Decorating Rooms With High Ceilings: High ceilings can be a beautiful feature in your home, but learning how to decorate around them can take some creativity. Check out this article for inspiration!

9 Green Elements For Sustainable Cities: Making a city “green,” is no small endeavor. What programs, practices, and features make a city sustainable? What you can do to start moving your city towards being green? This article is a great place to start.

Other Cool Stuff…

World’s Largest Video Game: Drexel University professor Frank Lee has created the world’s largest video game, made from LEDs on the side of a skyscraper in Philadelphia. He programmed the LEDs with versions of Pong and Snake, with hopes of letting regular people play against each other with oversized joysticks. Read more here.

Video Game ZDNet
Image via ZDNet

What If The Sun Just…Disappeared?: Michael Stevens from VSauce created this fascinating video, explaining what would happen in the sun suddenly vanished into thin air. (Warning: The facts might shock you!)

LED Prom Dresses: This month, high schoolers across the country were getting ready for prom. Girls looking for a little extra sparkle made a beeline for Jonathan Kayne’s gowns, ribbed with LED lights in various patterns. Check them out here.

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