How To Make Your Hotel Lighting More Energy-Efficient

This post is part of a series on energy-efficient lighting.

So you’re looking for ways to cut down on energy use in your hotel, inn, or resort. A few efficient changes to your lighting can make a big difference in the number that turns up on your monthly bill. Here are 4 simple ideas to get the ball rolling…

1. Go LED when you can.

A well lit hotel puts guests at ease. Bright inviting lights make a space seem clean, cared for, and trustworthy. You don’t have anything to hide. So, when trying to save energy with your lights, you don’t want to sacrifice any ambiance. That’s why LEDs are perfect for you.

LED light bulbs produce more light for the amount of energy they use – about twice as much as a CFL, one of the most popular light sources on today’s market. So, you’ll never have to lose light for the sake of saving energy.

White Accent Ceiling Lighting in a Lobby

When it comes to light quality, you can also count on LEDs. LED light bulbs and light fixtures come in an array of color temperatures – cool to warm, with excellent color rendering capabilities. If you haven’t tried an LED in recent years, you might be surprised at how pleasant the light appears.

Take some time to audit the lights you use throughout your hotel. Here’s a list of some lights you can easily switch to LED:

2. Use occupancy sensors.

If you have a sizable hotel with a large staff and guests always coming and going, you might find yourself leaving lights on all the time. You never want customers to end up in a dark hallway, staircase, or bathroom, and your workers are too busy going in and out of closets and utility rooms to keep turning the lights on and off.

This is where occupancy/vacancy sensors can help. Simply install them in any high traffic areas that you don’t have time to constantly monitor.


Also, if you have hallways or conference rooms that get ample natural light, you can set your sensor to detect when the light level drops, later in the day.

You’ll never waste energy running unnecessary lights again!

3. Add dimmers in the rooms. 

Most hotel guests appreciate the little luxuries that come along with their stay. Pillow mints, plush towels, room service, and get this: the option to dim the lights. 


Installing dimmers in your hotel rooms will let your guests relax, and help you save energy. When you operate a light at 75% of its capacity, you’ll save 20% of the energy it normally takes to power that light. It’s a win-win!

4. Get rid of old exit signs.

Still using incandescent or fluorescent exit signs? We’ve just found another way you can save power. A 40W incandescent sign costs $39 to operate every year, and a fluorescent costs $11. That can add up, especially in a bigger facility. LEDs on the other hand, only cost $2 to run every year, and last considerably longer than other light sources.

Photoluminescent Exit Sign

To save still more energy, you can choose photoluminescent exit signs, which absorb ambient light and emit it when the lights go dark using absolutely no electricity. You can learn more about these signs here.

Considering any changes to your hotel lighting? We’d love to help! Just ask any questions you might have in the comments section below.

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