Product Spotlight: Lighted Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Your bathroom should not be annoying.
It should be a rejuvenating space within your house. It should be a sanctuary of sorts, really. The problem is, there are just so many ways the place can get annoying…

…Like when it gets excessively moist and you’re constantly fighting back the mold.

…Like when you’re in there in the middle of the night under the glare of bright lights.

…Like when your lights are cheap, ugly, or just don’t match your style.

…Like when your loud exhaust fan makes it impossible to relax.

If your bathroom annoys you in one or more of those ways here’s how exhaust fans can solve each of those terrible annoyances:

For The Moldy Bathroom

If your bathroom gets too moist when you shower and you’d rather not cultivate a garden of mold where you clean yourself every day, get an exhaust fan. To pick one that’s right for you, you just need to determine the recommended fan capacity for your bathroom. This is measured in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), which is the volume of air the fan can remove from a room within a certain period of time. You can find your bathroom’s recommended CFM by multiplying the room’s square footage by 1.1 if you have an 8-foot ceiling, or by 1.5 if you have a 9-foot ceiling. For example, a bathroom of 60 square feet with an 8-foot ceiling would need a fan with a CFM of about 66.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan 2

Then, once you install the fixture, simply run it while you’re taking a bath or shower, and for about 30 minutes afterwards. It may also help to put the fan on a timer switch so you never forget. You should have separate switches for the light and the fan so you can operate them independently.

For The Bright Bathroom

We’ve all been there. A quick midnight trip to the bathroom. You need to be able to see, but it sure would be nice if you didn’t have to jolt yourself awake with every lumen of your bathroom lighting on at full power. You can solve this problem if you nab a lighted bathroom exhaust fan with a night light setting.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Fixtures that offer this feature include a small light bulb behind the light diffuser. It will give off just enough light for you to see. Light fixtures with this option will need to have 3 different switches – one for the main light, one for the night light, and one for the fan.

For The Unattractive Bathroom

There are a bunch of really ugly bathroom exhaust fans and ceiling lights out there. If you’ve put the time, effort, and funding into decorating your bathroom, you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to what goes on the ceiling.

1. The Organic Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Organic Fan

2. The Orleans Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Orleans Fan

3. The Belle Meade Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Belle Meade Fan

4. The Ventura Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Ventura Fan

Pretty, no?

For The Loud Bathroom

Noisy bathroom fans are the worst. Look for models that produce between 2 and 3 sones. (A sone is a unit of perceived loudness.) To give you an idea of how loud this is, one sone is about the amount of sound made by a quiet refrigerator.

Quiet Bathroom Fan

Annie Josey

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