Pegasus Lighting Roundup: Lighting In March

Here’s what’s been going on in the lighting world this month…

In Lighting News…

A Wal-Mart store in Mt. Pleasant, Wisconsin has equipped all its indoor and outdoor facilities with LED lights. The areas now illuminated by LEDs include the sales floor, pharmacy, restrooms, stock rooms, and the parking lot. Wal-Mart expects to save at least 30% of their energy costs, compared to their old fluorescent lighting systems. Click here to learn more.

On March 5th “The Bay Lights,” an LED light sculpture, illuminated San Francisco’s Bay Bridge for the first time with 25,000 LED lights. The project only costs $15.06 per night to operate, and was designed by artist Leo Villareal on a laptop. Check out this video from the grand lighting ceremony:

You may have heard from certain press reports that  LEDs were damaging the yellow pigmentation of works by Van Gogh and other painters. After some investigation, it turns out these suggestions were way off the mark. The scientists originally behind the claim were testing the effects of high-intensity xenon lights on certain kinds of paint, not LEDs. LEDs are actually one of the best lights to use when lighting sensitive artwork. To learn more about this misunderstanding, check out this article.

Image via
Image via

In Lighting Tips…

Have you given much thought to the ambient light in your space? In this simple article: “Five Unconventional Ways To Create Ambient Light,” lighting designer James Bedell explains the importance of light layers in any room, and how to create a scheme that works for you.  Some of his ideas for creating ambient lighting in a space include cove lighting, bouncing light, and using wall grazers.

Soft Accent Cove Lighting in a Living Room

If you’re looking for a way to wake up your fireplace, you’ll want to take a look at this article from Houzz: “8 Ways To Light Your Fireplace For Maximum Effect.” No matter how big or small your fireplace might be, and regardless of its look, lighting is one of the best ways to show it off. Try out traditional and unconventional suggestions.

Are you trying to find ways to save energy at your industrial business? I found this article on that might help. It gives 5 suggestions of how to cut back a little more on your energy use. You’ll be able to tailor a strategy to fit your plant’s exact needs.

Other Cool Stuff…

When electricity and artificial lights were still new, American city officials tried to light streets with “giant man-made moons.” You can learn more about this brief trend on

Image via Library Of Congress
Image via Library Of Congress

You might be more familiar with LED lights than you think. They’re not just a new kind of light bulb to use in your home or business. They’ve been around for a while. Check out this article to learn about some unexpected places you can find LEDs today.

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