Product Spotlight: PAR38 Energy-Efficient Halogen Lamps

Energy Efficient Halogen PAR38 Spotlight
Today we’re debuting a new series on the blog called “Product Spotlight.”  Every week, we’re going to showcase one of our newest, coolest, or most popular light fixtures, and tell you a little about it. How does it work? How do you install it? What are the benefits? Get ready for your newest learning experience in light… 

It’s your classic Goldilocks situation. When you’re shopping for the perfect PAR38 light bulb, perhaps the LED PAR38’s light is just too cool, and the incandescent PAR38’s light is just too warm. Then, you spot the halogen lamp – its unmistakable crisp and pleasing light is just what you were looking for. Not to mention it’s more durable than the incandescent light and less expensive than the LED.

But then, you notice just how much energy it takes to power that halogen light bulb. The choice stops feeling quite so right.

So, we’re introducing a 4th option (or maybe we should call it 3.5): The PAR38  Energy-Efficient Halogen Lamp.

Also known as the infrared halogen (HIR), this lamp emits the same quality lights as a regular halogen light bulb, but does it using less energy.

Why Is It Energy-Efficient?

Most filament light bulbs like incandescents and halogens generate light with only about 10% of the energy they consume. The remaining 90% is given off as heat.

The Energy-Efficient Halogen recycles this heat with a thin dichroic infrared reflective coating on its inner glass envelope. This coating redirects heat back to the filament, requiring less new energy to keep it hot and producing light.

Using this method, HIR lamps are up to 33% more efficient than standard halogen light bulbs. They also last about 40% longer and produce much less heat, which can even save you money on your A/C bill! With it’s long life and heightened efficiency, the Energy-Efficient Halogen will eventually pay for itself.

Where Can You Use The Energy-Efficient Halogen?

You can install the PAR38 HIR lamp anywhere you would have a standard PAR38. Some common places are as follows:

  • With Dimmers, Timers, and Photo Sensors: If you have your recessed lights or track lights on one of these controls, HIR lamps are a great option. They’re compatible with most every standard dimmer, timer, and photo sensor, unlike CFLs and LEDs, which require special systems.
  • For Lighting Artwork or Displays: When light quality is a priority, Energy-Efficient Halogen lamps have your back. They have a perfect color rendering index, which means the colors of your paintings, photos, and exhibits will always look exactly right.
  • In The Great Outdoors: These PAR38 lights are also great as outdoor lights, because they emit a formidable number of lumens per watt (the 100W HIR emits 2,030 lumens). You can choose from a large selection of weatherproof floodlights and spotlights, so your landscape lighting will always be up to PAR (get it? get it??).

You can learn more, and browse our collection of PAR38 Energy-Efficient Halogen lamps here.

Annie Josey

Annie was the E-Commerce Marketing Specialist at Pegasus Lighting from June 2012 to October 2013. She has a background in English literature, and loves using language to help illuminate the world. So covering lighting news and tips naturally fit her interests. In her personal time she enjoys painting, biking, and reading.