Toning Up The Lighting In Your Home Gym

Image via Chicago Architect COOK ARCHITECTURAL Design Studio

With the New Year upon us, many have decided to upgrade their fitness routines by installing home gyms, or dusting off the treadmills they already own. But, if you have dingy or inadequate home gym lighting, it can be even more difficult to actually make use of the space 3-5 times a week.

Am I saying lighting can help you achieve your fitness goals? Not exactly, but I’m not saying that it can’t.

When deciding on the lights for your home gym, here are some things to consider:

1. Brightness

So you sweat it out for half an hour and then move on with your life. What’s the point of putting effort into comfortably lighting your home gym if you don’t spend a lot of time being comfortable in there anyway? Well, good lighting might actually help motivate you to spend longer, more quality time exercising. Nothing is quite as depressing as a home gym with a single ceiling light fixture and gloomy shadows cast on every surface. Studies show that cool, bright light naturally increases your energy levels, which means you could have an easier time putting in those 30 minutes on the elliptical.

LED Track Lighting

LED and fluorescent lights both provide the cool, white light you need to wake up and get things done. Consider installing LED or fluorescent lights in recessed cans spread throughout the room for even illumination. Track lighting is also a fantastic lighting option for ambient lighting in the gym, allowing you to vary the direction and configuration of your lights when you need it.

LED2. Light Source

Besides being invigoratingly bright, today’s LED and fluorescent lights generate much less heat than yesterday’s incandescent and halogen lamps. Why is this important to consider for the home gym? Well, using excessively hot light bulbs in all your sockets can actually increase the temperature of the entire room, and no one wants to do their weight training in an oven!

LEDs and fluorescents will help keep you cool and comfortable, when you work out, and even help you save money on air conditioning bills.

3. Customization

If you go through the effort of installing an entire home gym, you’re probably using it for at least more than one kind of exercise. So, why should you limit yourself to just one kind of light? You might enjoy bright lights for your early morning treadmill run or afternoon basketball game, but for your late night yoga routine, you may want something more tranquil.

LED Tape Light Colors

For the perfect lighting environment for any workout, just install a dimmer switch so you can control the light levels at all times. If your really want to get creative with your customization, you can even install color changing LED tape lights to suit your mood and keep you motivated.

4. Fun

Home gyms are usually non-traditional to begin with, so you need not be afraid to make daring, whimsical choices with your lights. Color changing lights are just one way to add some zing to the room. You can opt for tons of different accent light fixtures to complement your favorite exercises.

LED Bullet Lights Football helmet

If you prefer a zen environment for fitness, why not add a few paper lanterns? If you’re a sports enthusiast, try using a few display lights to feature your favorite team’s paraphernalia. Lighting can really make the home gym into a place you want to spend time in. The¬†possibilities¬†are up to you!

What’s the lighting like at your gym? Please share!

Annie Josey

Annie was the E-Commerce Marketing Specialist at Pegasus Lighting from June 2012 to October 2013. She has a background in English literature, and loves using language to help illuminate the world. So covering lighting news and tips naturally fit her interests. In her personal time she enjoys painting, biking, and reading.