Not Your Average CFL

To be honest, I’ve always liked the look of CFLs. Yes, there have been mixed opinions about the quality of light they generate, but there’s something about that gentle swirl that I can’t help but enjoy. And of course, the CFL has come a long way from what was first out on the market.

See here:

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You can imagine my excitement when I first saw the Plumen 001, winner of the Brit Insurance Design of the Year Award and you guessed it, a CFL.

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The light bulb itself does everything you’d expect it to. It’s 80% more efficient than a standard incandescent light bulb, and it’s expected to last 8 years. However, this isn’t a light bulb you want to hide behind some shade.

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Plumen got its name from “plume,” a bird’s decorative feather. And I think the twists and contours of this light bulb certainly do attract attention.

Annie Josey

Annie was the E-Commerce Marketing Specialist at Pegasus Lighting from June 2012 to October 2013. She has a background in English literature, and loves using language to help illuminate the world. So covering lighting news and tips naturally fit her interests. In her personal time she enjoys painting, biking, and reading.