Pegasus Lighting Roundup: Moving Forward

In lighting news…

As of July 1 this year, T12 fluorescent bulbs have begun to disappear, no longer being manufactured or imported into the US. This phase-out has been a long time coming, as T12s have been around for over 70 years now. By switching to newer technology like T5s or T8s, building owners will save nearly 50% of the energy they normally use each year! These new lamps are smaller in diameter, but can still provide the same light output as a T12. For those building owners who still have T12 fixtures, it will become increasingly difficult to find replacement parts. Check out this article from on strategizing for the phase-out.

Meanwhile, everyone is going nutso for LEDs. But with the impressive energy-saving stats and new innovations, we don’t blame them. According to IMS Research, the widespread implementation of retrofit LED lights will save us $100 billion globally over the next 5 years. To learn more, read this article from

In June, at the Rio+20 U.N. development conference in Brazil, the Clean Revolution campaign began a trial in 12 major cities across the globe, testing the benefits and drawbacks of LED street lights. Each city has reduced energy use up to 85%!

In other news, scientists at Syracuse University may have created a new light source that doesn’t need electricity or batteries to produce light. How? The firefly. The scientists found a new way to harness this bioluminescence using nanoscience. Mathew Maye, assistant professor of chemistry at SU explained:

“The nanorods are made of the same materials used in computer chips, solar panels and LED lights. It’s conceivable that someday firefly-coated nanorods could be inserted into LED-type lights that you don’t have to plug in.”

To read the full story from click here.

In lighting tips… recently published its Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Decorating. It’s got TONS of ideas if you’re planning to overhaul your kitchen, or just give it a quick spruce. Check it out!

This post on offers fantastic advice on what the outdoors can teach us about good lighting.

Small kitchen? Check out this article from for the low-down on making the best of your space.

Other cool goings-on…

The completion of London’s newest skyscraper (aka Europe’s tallest building, aka “The Shard”) was celebrated on July 5th with a laser light show. The Shard stands at a mammoth 1,016 feet or 310 meters. Click here to learn more.

Compare Building Heights in London
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Can’t get enough of cool-looking buildings? Check out our recent blog post on the re-lighting of Pittsburgh’s Gulf Tower!

Have you seen the crazy “Xylobands” on the latest Coldplay concert tour? They’re controllable, colored LED wristbands, and man, do they make this space look amazing:

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