Averting Disaster With Portable Lights

Lost in the Woods
Summer is the season of fun in the sun, for relaxation and adventure. But whether you’re camping, road tripping, enjoying calm nights at home, or off in the far corners of the earth, accidents can happen.

While it’s impossible to prevent some misfortunes, you’d be amazed at how much a small light can help you avert disaster. Here are a few instances when a portable lamp would come very much in handy, so you can be prepared for whatever you do:

Power Outages

If you live in any area with intense weather, you know you may be at risk for a power failure. Instead of scrambling to find candles or flashlights when a storm hits, check out these power outage lights. They ensure you’ll never be caught in the dark. The lights automatically detect when there’s a power outage via radio signal, and immediately turn on to keep you comfortable and safe. This clever and versatile lantern even includes a built-in USB charger for your mobile phone.  

Car Breakdowns or Accidents

If your car breaks down at night unexpectedly, you’ll thank your lucky stars if you have more than just those stars to see by. Keeping a trouble light in your car will let you make easy repairs even in the dead of night. If you find yourself in deeper trouble, there’s nothing like an LED road flare to shine a distress signal far and wide, ensuring help will be on the way.

Home Security

When off on vacation, the last thing you want to think about is the safety of your home. Investing in a motion sensor light like an outdoor spotlight or an indoor night light will scare most any evil-doer off and away. Placing these battery operated lights around your home will even discourage any prowlers from drawing near, afraid to be seen.

Camping Mishaps

Whether you get caught in a rainstorm and can’t make a fire, or unknowingly wander off the trail, LED flashlights are a must. They have a long battery life, are weatherproof, and offer features like crank-to-charge functionality.

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Last updated July 28, 2016

Annie Josey

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  1. Maybe consider outdoor solar lights for your home? You’ll never have face pitch darkness in a blackout! Thanks for sharing.

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