Lighting Emmy Nominees Are In! Part 1

This year I’m seriously jazzed about the 2012 Emmy nominees – especially for Outstanding Lighting Design. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for theatrics (dating back to long before those college stage makeup classes and my Cirque du Soilel-level Halloween costumes) but honestly, these nominees are amazing. Here’s what the Academy has laid out for us this year:

Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction For A Variety Series

So You Think You Can Dance

Last year’s winner is at it again, producing number after flashy number. Lighting designer Robert Barnhart along with lighting directors Matt Firestone, Pete Radice, and Patrick Boozer are ones to beat, for sure. Check out this dramatic jazz piece from the Season 8 finale, it’s truly unforgettable:

Dancing With The Stars

This show is a first time nominee in the category, but lighting designer Simon Miles and lighting directors Matthew Cotter and Suzanne Sotello are definitely ones to watch out for. Check out this Halloween-themed Paso Doble featuring Ricki Lake, and you’ll understand why this lighting team has earned a coveted nomination:

American Idol

This program won the title in 2009, and this year the same team of lighting designer Kieran Healy, and lighting directors Joshua Hutchings, George Harvey, and Matthew McAdam are at it again. This highly talented group might just have what it takes to win again. See for yourself in this clip of Phillip Phillips (season 11 winner) singing at the Idol finale:

The Voice

Another newcomer in the category, The Voice has really made a splash in its second season. Lighting team Oscar Dominguez (designer) and Daniel K. Boland (director) have made sure that the voices aren’t the only remarkable thing about this show. Check out this video of season 2 winner Jermaine Paul (from team Blake) and you’ll see what I mean:

Click here to watch The Voice clip.

Saturday Night Live

SNL has been nominated several times for outstanding lighting design in its 38-season history, but hasn’t yet taken the title. Will this year be it? Lighting designer Phil Hymes is certainly impressive, along with lighting directors Geoff Amoral and Rick McGuinness. See for yourself in this hilarious clip with Jimmy Fallon and Andy Samberg:

Click to watch SNL clip.

So who do you think has what it takes? Stay tuned for Part 2 on “Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction For A Variety Special.” You can learn more at

Annie Josey

Annie was the E-Commerce Marketing Specialist at Pegasus Lighting from June 2012 to October 2013. She has a background in English literature, and loves using language to help illuminate the world. So covering lighting news and tips naturally fit her interests. In her personal time she enjoys painting, biking, and reading.