Valuable Advice for the Green Electrical Contractor

Green Construction Market Growth 2005-2011
The green construction market has grown 41% or $58 billion over the past five years. Graphic courtesy of

Software reviewer Derek Singleton of Software Advice is at it again—this time letting us know just how important green skills are to today’s electrical contractors. The market for green construction has increased exponentially in the past 5 years, by over $58 billion in revenue. Any savvy contractor should take advantage of this booming (and lucrative) opportunity.

In his article, Derek details the abilities necessary to transition from being an electrical contractor to what he calls an “energy contractor.” It’s important to know how to install green energy systems in new structures, and also how to increase an existing building’s sustainability.

He addresses how to adapt to working with the following:

  • Solar PV (or Solar Photovoltaic) Installations
  • Wind Turbine Installations
  • Energy Auditing
  • Building Management Systems (or BMS)
  • LEED

Here’s the link to Derek’s article: Green Skills You Need to Become an Energy Contractor

Annie Josey

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  1. Nice article Annie, looks like the industry going green is inevitable. A lot of work to be found or created.

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