Pegasus Lighting Roundup: Extra! Extra!

The One By the Five hotel in Paris. Read on to “Other Cool Sites” for more info.

In lighting news …

A team of scientists in Switzerland conducted an office lighting experiment proving that lighting conditions have a significant impact on cognitive performance. A group of volunteers took memory tests and alertness assessments after spending time in a room with natural lighting conditions, compared with artificial/low lighting conditions. The positive effects of natural lighting conditions lasted until early evening! Remember the study on classroom lighting in Germany, and the impact the Philips SchoolVision lighting system had? 

Meanwhile, researchers in North Carolina found that LED lighting can be used as an infection killer. They are developing methods to employ LEDs to sterilize surgical tools or purify water.

According to a recent Houzz survey, today’s homeowners are prioritizing aesthetics over value in remodeling projects. Find out what homeowners plan to spend on various projects and more key drivers for remodeling on

On Treehugger, Lloyd Alter posed a compelling question: Why are we putting 21st century light bulbs in 19th century sockets? Join the discussion.

In lighting tips … 

Kitchen Designer Robin Siegerman published a book titled Renovation Bootcamp™: Kitchen (Design and Remodel Your Kitchen Without Losing Your Wallet, Your Mind or Your Spouse). From her YouTube video preview – and that enticing title – it looks like it’s worth checking out!

Get inspiration for better bedroom lighting from HGTV’s recent post on 12 Illuminating Ideas For The Bedroom.

Are you considering a major home remodel? You may want to brace yourself for some ups and downs. Designer Nicole Zeigler shared this “Remodeling Roller Coaster” chart on her blog:


On that note, here are some tips on surviving a kitchen remodel, courtesy of Home Design Find.

Other cool sites …

Inhabitat posted gorgeous photos of a single-family home in Japan architecturally designed to capitalize on natural light. Also, they’ve got the exclusive on wooden light bulbs.

Ever wanted to go behind the scenes at an LED lighting lab? You’re in luck. Check out these enlightening photos of Bridgelux’s R&D lab in Livermore, California.

An interesting alternative to gallery walls of expensive paintings that makes a big statement: wall murals.

A hotel in Paris lights each room with star-studded ceilings. Lightpublic shared photos … trè dreamy! Hey, we know how to create that look!

Emily Widle

Emily graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in journalism. She enjoys scouring the news to report on the latest in the lighting industry as well as bringing valuable remodeling tips and exemplar home projects to light.