Display Lights: From The Box To The Showroom Floor

It can be difficult to visualize exactly how a display lighting fixture is going to look after installation. Unlike decorative pendants or elegant chandeliers, the focus is not the light fixture. In fact, you usually know a display light is doing its job if you hardly notice the light fixture at all! We have a wide variety of display lights – halogen, LED, flexible, battery-operated, and more. Admittedly, the product images we have are not too exciting. The shining moment for a display light, if you will, is after installation. Once they’re illuminating that exhibit or painting, you can see the point.




This is our PAR Halogen Telescoping Display Light. We’ve heard back from customers who have used this for museum exhibits, trade show booths, retail displays, signs, wall hangings … the list goes on. One of our favorite applications for this light is depicted in the photo below. Held each year in South Dakota, the  Motorcycles As Art exhibit “captures the personal expression, creativity and spirit that permeate the history and culture of motorcycling.” Photographer Michael Lichter used this display light as gallery lighting for the exhibit.


This is our MR16 Halogen Flexible Display Light. Its slim lamp head and ultra-flexible neck make it a favorite for trade shows and temporary exhibits. The entire light fixture is easily adjusted to fit your spacing needs. Photographer Rick Nahmias used a collection of these lights in a Los Angeles exhibit recently. The show was set up temporarily in a church that had beautiful tall ceilings with ornate light fixtures. However, the light from the ceiling wasn’t enough to really do the photographs justice. Adding display lights close to the photographs helped add a pop of visual interest and focus.












This is our MR16 Halogen Flexible Wall Light. Hard to tell what it will look like next to your display or wall art, isn’t it? Here’s a photo of this light fixture installed in a showroom illuminating a series of framed photos. With a brushed nickel finish and the necks adjusted so that they’re curved identically, it’s a beautiful effect.

Emily Widle

Emily graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in journalism. She enjoys scouring the news to report on the latest in the lighting industry as well as bringing valuable remodeling tips and exemplar home projects to light.

2 thoughts to “Display Lights: From The Box To The Showroom Floor”

  1. Nice treatise on halogen. Is there a soft natural painting fade proof LED light or are they all harsh daylight designs without dimming capabilities. Looks like it has to be incandescent so how safe is this type of lighting?

  2. David, Thanks for your question! LEDs are actually one of the gentlest light sources around. They don’t emit any UV light, which is often what causes fading in sensitive materials. LEDs also emit less heat than halogen and incandescent, so if whatever you’re displaying is sensitive to temperature too, they’re one of the best options around. We’ve seen a lot of innovations recently with the quality of LED light – they now come in a range of color temperatures from cool white to warm white. While dimmable LEDs aren’t as widely available (still due to technological limitations) many of the latest LED display lights are *finally* coming out with dimming capabilities. We sell several different dimmable LED display lights, which you can view here, here, and here.

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