Real Lighting Projects: A Kitchen Transformation

Get ready for some unbelievable before and after pictures.

Today’s post features a kitchen remodeling project from Rob’s Remodeling, Inc. After talking with Rob on the phone, I wished I lived closer to Northbrook, IL (where Rob’s Remodeling, Inc. is based) so I could hire him for any future remodeling projects I might have. He’s the nicest guy, and he’s clearly passionate about doing quality work. “I don’t do this for the money,” he told me. “I just love what I do.”

Rob says he uses Pegasus Lighting products whenever he can. His favorite under cabinet lighting fixture is the Xenon Triangle Light, and he is a perfectionist about making sure clients cannot see any wires once they’re installed. Best of all, he’s as big of a fan of under cabinet lighting as we are: “When I talk someone into doing under cabinet lighting,” he said, “it’s the difference between a good kitchen and a kickass kitchen.”

Without further ado, here are the pictures of a recent kitchen remodeling project Rob completed for a client.


Hard to believe it’s the same kitchen, isn’t it?

Rob got into the holiday spirit this year by completing a few “Secret Santa” projects. If he knew someone in the neighborhood who needed a repair but perhaps couldn’t front the cost during the holiday season, he showed up anonymously to do the job.

Whether it was a repaired screen door, a mended fence, or a new sink, residents in the Northbrook area found unexpected gifts. Rob’s calling card for the “Secret Santa” operation? A red bow on the front door and a tag that said “From Santa.”

If you’re a customer who would like to have your company/lighting project featured here, email me: professionals[at]pegasuslighting[dot]com.

Emily Widle

Emily graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in journalism. She enjoys scouring the news to report on the latest in the lighting industry as well as bringing valuable remodeling tips and exemplar home projects to light.