The Inclusions & Exceptions: The Incandescent Phase Out, Part 3

This post is part of a week-long series explaining the upcoming incandescent phase out as a result of the EISA 2007.  If you’ve missed the posts so far, make sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2!

We’ve already gone over common misconceptions about the phase out and explained when you can expect this all to happen.  Now, for the next tidbit of information:

Did you know that the efficiency standards set by the EISA 2007 do not apply to all incandescent bulbs?  In fact, there’s a pretty long list of special-use incandescent lamps that have been excluded – one of which is the 3-way incandescent light bulb, a very popular consumer product.

The law does apply to general service incandescent lamps.  These are defined as lamps that are intended for general service applications, that have medium screw bases, that have a lumen range between 310-2600, and that can operate between 110 and 130 volts.  (Lumens refer to the amount of light given off by the light bulb).

The law does not apply to:

Appliance lamps, black light lamps, bug lamps, colored lamps, infrared lamps, left-hand thread lamps, marine lamps, marine signal service lamps, mine service lamps, plant light lamps, reflector lamps, rough service lamps, shatter-resistant lamps, sign service lamps, silver bowl lamps, showcase lamps, 3-way incandescent lamps, traffic signal lamps, vibration service lamps, G-shaped lamps with a diameter ≥5 inches, and T-shaped lamps >10 inches in length that use <40 watts are all excluded.  Also, AB, BA, CA, F, G16-1/2, G-25, G30, S, and M-14 lamps that are ≤40 watts are excluded.  Finally, candelabra base incandescent, and other light bulbs not having a medium Edison screw base are excluded.

Emily Widle

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  1. should add that
    this is very useful information well explained, thanks!
    interesting about the 3 way option and candelabra exclusion, missed that

    did you also see from the lumen definition that
    that 150W+ regular incandescent bulbs are allowed, but that it will be reviewed if sales rise too much

    (complex regulations! the GLS regulations are tougher post 2014,
    maybe you didnt want to confuse people about it )

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